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How much? £10,000
On sale in the UK: January 2009
Engine: 998cc 3cyl, 67bhp, 67lb ft @ 4800rpm
Transmission: Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Performance: 0-62mph 14.1sec (15.2sec for CVT), 93mph, 67mpg (60mpg), 99g/km (110g/km)
How heavy / made of? 860kg/steel
How big (length/width/height in mm)? 2985 / 1680 / 1500
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Rated 3 out of 53


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Rated 3 out of 53

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Toyota iQ 1.0 (2009) CAR review

By Phil McNamara

First Drives

02 September 2008 11:18

The new Toyota iQ is a landmark car: the world's soon-to-be-biggest car maker has gone and made the world's smallest four-seater. You see, the iQ packs two rows of pews into a tiny slip of a hatchback. It's not even three metres long. But the Toyota iQ has a twist; like Smart's Fortwo, the last car to rip up the packaging rule book, the iQ wears a distinctly premium price tag.

Think of it like house prices. Although the iQ is tiny, at just 2985mm long, it is plonked slap bang in Mayfair, carrying an estimated £10,000 price tag when UK sales start in January 2009. So it had better be good...

Ok, so the Toyota iQ is pricey, but is it good to drive?

CAR drove some of the first pre-production prototypes on the roads around Toyota's European design centre in Nice, on the south coast of France. This posed a bit of a problem; the Provençal roads might be sun-kissed and blessed with heart-stopping views, but they're also rather steep. And the pair of 1.0-litre iQ models we drove felt out of their depth.

Granted, the cheapest iQ models are designed to flit from Chiswick to Bond Street and back, not blast up the Col de Vence. But we were finger-tapping disappointed by the lack of oomph up the hilly Nicoise roads in the cars powered by the Aygo-sourced 1.0-litre triple.

The 1.3-litre engine option might be better (we didn't have the opportunity to drive it) and there will also be a 1.4-litre diesel option, but the UK won't bring it here. Small diesels just don't sell in Blighty...

And on the motorway?

The 1.0-litre iQ is fine on a motorway run. It'll cruise at 85mph no trouble, but we did feel strangely vulnerable when passing HGVs towering overhead. The iQ is still leagues ahead of the first-gen Smart Fortwo, which bobbed and weaved and felt generally out of sorts at dual carriageway speeds.

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Toyota iQ 1.0 (2009) CAR review


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dgate says

RE: Toyota iQ 1.0 (2009) CAR review

Have just switched from a Smart to the IQ and find it more comfortable and relaxing.It offers more flexibility in carrying capacity and the turning circle is unbelievable. The wide passenger compartment is also a boon and makes the car feel full sized while the 3 cyl engine is quiet and unfussed.I opted for the CVT and find it very smooth and high geared in the e-co mode which should give good economy on a run. Comparing this with my Prius I expect the same or better economy on a trip but the Prius will have it beat for urban runs due to the hybrid advantage. Any car in this category designed for urban use should be an EV or at very least a hybrid otherwise the advantage of size and manouverability looses out to economy. One negative comment from another contributor I find hard to believe concerning headroom, I am 6' 2" and have plenty of headroom.  I would suggest reclining the seat back slightly if this is a problem as some sit bolt upright. The IQ is just what it says it is a three plus one and shouldn't be compared with regular four seaters or expected to have boot space when carrying all passengers. Its basically a two seater of minimal footprint with some versatility built in and after using it I find I am using the Prius less and less.  



29 March 2012 23:06



cranvas says

RE: Toyota iQ 1.0 (2009) CAR review

I have test driven the 6 speed manual and multifrive 1.33 versions of the iQ3. I thought it was a great drive with both . Superb innovation and style make this a chic and desirable small urban car.  And thats why I like Toyota.

13 April 2011 12:18



marcandsebe says

Re: Toyota iQ 1.0 (2009) CAR review

I have test driven the 6 speed manual and multifrive 1.33 versions of the iQ3. I thought it was a great drive with both. Much better than the Smart Four Two. We only have 3 in our family, 2 adults and 1 8 year old. Therefore it would be fine for our purposes as a second car, rather than drive around in a 4 x 4 double cab pickup all the time. I have heard its very good in the snow too.

02 February 2011 16:00



iQdisciple says

RE: Toyota iQ 1.0 (2009) CAR review

Sensacional !!
What a superb car !!

Undoubtedly the best car ever in human history !!!

A unic design that attracts any kind of living being combined with a marvelous motor that can beat any sport car in the market. This is THE CAR for any situation...

For family travels...

Using it as a sport car for a romantic date...

Extreme rallys and endurances...

Or even daily use  !!

iQ car  !!

I'll buy some for my company right now, how about you ?! 

08 September 2010 15:02



marcandsebe says

RE: Toyota iQ 1.0 (2009) CAR review

I had a test drive of the 1.3 lt IQ and was plesently suprised. The ride was much better than expected and performance was more than adequate. Now I am on my second Toyota Hilux, the 1st being a non turbo 2.8lt import that I owned for 8 years and the 2nd a 2.5lt turbo D4D. The IQ would out pace the 2.8lt and probably the turbo D4D as well.

My wife owns a soft top Suzuki GV2000 and the ride by comparison in the IQ is like a Rolls Royce.

You might be wondering why I am looking at an IQ? Well my wife works weekends and uses her car,  I work in the building industry and don't want to drive my fuel hungry work horse at the weekends, sometimes full of materials. I know the IQ only has 3 seats, which is ok for us, as we only have 1 son. So if my wife is off we have fuel efficient vehicle for trips into London.

Because the IQ is short, we can park all 3 vehicles on our drive. Anything longer and it will go on the road.

Yes it is expensive if you compare the size with other cars, but the quality and extra gadgets are worth it.

I was considering a Smart, but the extra seat in the IQ makes it a better choice for the 3 of us.





05 September 2010 22:23

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