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Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine


The new August 2014 issue of CAR magazine is out now – and we’re celebrating 50 years of great hot hatchbacks. Yes, it’s half a century since Paddy Hopkirk’s Mini Cooper S blasted on to the scene winning the 1964 Monte Carlo rally, sparking a whole generation of pocket rockets. We look at the genesis of the breed, from the pioneering Minis, Autobianchis and Simcas of the 1960s and 70s, to the seminal Golf GTI and tearaways of the ’80s and ‘90s. Plus we group test the nine best hot hatches of today to see which is the winner. Elsewhere in the issue:

  • Inside Porsche’s secret warehouse: we sneak into Stuttgart’s prototype workshop
  • Used limos: how to buy a secondhand 7-series, XJ, S-class and LS on a shoestring
  • F1 architect: we meet the man who designs Formula 1 race circuits for a living
  • Exclusive shoot: up close and personal with the outlandish Aston Martin DP-100
  • Mercedes’ 911: CAR hitches a ride in Merc’s GT sports car’s final sign-off drive
  • The news: Ferrari’s turbo plans, every new McLaren revealed, Europe’s sales war
  • The best columnists: Gavin Green, Mark Walton and Ben Barry sound off
  • Driven: Merc S-class Coupe, Citroen C1, Aston N430, BMW X4, Alfa Cloverleaf, Citroen Cactus
  • Our cars: a Caterham Seven 160 and Ford Fiesta ST join the long-term test fleet

The August 2014 issue of CAR magazine is on sale now, in print and available to download for Apple iPad and Android tablet devices. Browse our interactive sampler above.

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Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine


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rhythmnation says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

 Just to say... The latest CAR mag on iPad is working fine (as well as last month's edition).  All the interactive bits do what they're supposed to and all magazine content is present and correct.

(As I later found out, the problem cause turned out to be a few mis-matches with content working correctly when viewed on an iPad 2. All sorted now.)

My thanks to all involved for sorting this out and, so quickly too.





30 July 2014 20:08



rhythmnation says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

 Hello Mr. Pollard,

First let me echo the previous comments, and add my welcome back to CAR. Great news in deed.

I look forward to reading your artiicles and finding all about your ideas that you have in store for CAR and its readers.

I am read CAR with an iPad Mini (second generation) running the latest iOS 7.1.1.

When I hit an issue with magazine content, I do try removing the magazine from my iPad, before trying to download the magazine again. This magazine content remains the same.











22 June 2014 19:22



reward badgemoderatorexpertstaff

TimPollard says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

Thanks for your feedback Rhythmnation. Could I ask which platform you're reading the digital edition on? We will reply to your registered personal email address. We hope you continue to enjoy reading CAR, despite this blip!

21 June 2014 07:46



rhythmnation says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

 Dear CAR Magazine,

First the positive. I love reading your magazine... Have done, since 1972.


Can somebody please be formally assigned the task of 'proof-reading' the digital version of the magazine before it is released to the general public?

All too regularly there are fairly obvious problems with the interactive sections of the magazine, and quite often, blocks of text are missing.

For example, in the Reviews section of the new July issue, photographs are missing for articles on the Porsche Cayman GTS, BMW 4-Series Coupe-a-loon, Nissan X-Trail, Mercedes S300. Half the article on the road-test between the Nissan Qasquai and the Ford Kuga is missing entirely (certainly text, and probably photographs as well). If you click on the direct link for this review test, it takes you to the first of two blank pages.

In my view, CAR provides a unique insight into all things automotive as well as on the industry itself. CAR writers and photographers very definitely present information in an interesting and entertaining way. However, I feel the quality of the digital magazine is letting the side down. In terms of interactivity, TopGear magazine is far better value. And I did give serious consideration to moving my subscription to TG. However, for now, the quality and content of the CAR articles is keeping me on track with the magazine.

All car magazines are not the same, and if I didn't read CAR I would very definitely be missing out.

Hopefully some of the upcoming 'big things' planned for the digital CAR world, will also deal with the basics too.

Other than that... Keep on doing what you are doing.

Thanks for reading.

20 June 2014 17:41



reward badge

RichardK says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

April 2014 is a fine issue. Unexpected delight:  a) The C Class first test (beware 3er)  and b) The range Rover Sport being so good [that it may best its bigger brother, (unless huge is your main aim)]


Congratulations boys and girls.

21 March 2014 10:16

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