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KTM prepares new affordable and green cars (2010)

By Georg Kacher

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09 July 2008 10:33

The X-Bow is only the beginning for KTM. The Austrian bike manufacturer is now readying a slew of new low-cost, eco models – including a cleaner, cheaper 4x4 and a choice of city cars aimed at developing countries and Europe alike.

KTM isn't deserting its madcap roots; an even more expensive X-Bow powered by a 300bhp Audi engine is on the way. But now the team from Mattersburg, Austria, is going to launch the world´s first frugal and eco-friendly off-roader.

The radical SUV will provide more everyday practicality than the X-Bow roadster, a pricey funmobile for the chosen few who can't decide between the Ducati and the Ferrari when they open the garage door.

A KTM SUV? You serious?

Only marginally thirstier than a bike and cheaper to buy than any existing SUV, the New Haflinger (its internal codename) is a kind of sophisticated quad bike, which does equally well on and off-road. According to those familiar with the project, the ultra-short go-anywhere toyster deserves full marks in the handling and roadholding chapter, too.

So it's a quad bike, not a car?

Think a halfway house. It will be available in closed- or open-top bodystyles and will be launched in 2010. KTM hope to win the Paris-Dakar rally (or its designated equivalent) on two and on four wheels. A nifty PR stunt, then.

Like the KTM enduro bikes, the dune special will be offered in street-legal form soon after the first competition outing.

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