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Infiniti coupe, Nissan 370Z and Nissan Cube (2008)

By Tim Pollard

Spy shots

07 May 2008 11:07

Nissan has given a glimpse of three new cars – a new Infiniti sports car, the replacement for the 350Z coupe and the new-generation Cube city car.

No photos of the cars have been issued, but CAR nabbed a front-row seat and had its camera phone primed during Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura’s presentation. So excuse the shaky picture quality for our sneak peek at three key new Nissans…

An Infiniti sports car, you say?

Nissan’s upmarket division will show this sports coupe in the next year, probably late in 2008. The brand is considering launching a small 1-series sized car, but doesn’t want to do a me-too hatchback.

Infiniti sources say that a sports coupe like the one shown in this grainy silhouette is under consideration. This teaser (first image far left, above) reveals a very long bonnet and an unusually cab-backward stance for a smaller sibling to the existing G37 coupe.

An overhead, plan view of the red sports car was also displayed at the presentation, suggesting the concept car will have more curves than today’s soberly styled Infinitis.

Nissan’s European design chief Alfonso Albaisa told CAR Online that Infinitis would have a global design language, rather than localised styles for different markets. ‘When we talk about Infiniti, we talk about Michelangelo. It’s about surfaces and subtle body language.’

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