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The 'grand new Bentley' – CAR spy photos of 2010 Mulsanne

By Tim Pollard

Spy shots

06 July 2009 13:20

Bentley Arnage RIP. CAR's scooped the 2010 Bentley Arnage replacement – these world exclusive spy photos reveal Bentley's new limo in production guise. They were smuggled out of the company's Crewe headquarters weeks ahead of the new Arnage's debut expected later in summer 2009.

Today we publish our second instalment of Bentley scoop photos – with the first glimpse inside the new Arnage successor. Click 'Next' below to read today's latest updates on the powertrain and interior of the most important big Bentley for decades.

What's the new Bentley Arnage successor going to be called?

That's still shrouded in mystery, but we hear the Grand badge is mooted. While the name might be uncertain at this stage, our pictures leave little of the look and shape to the imagination. It's being developed under the Project Kimberley codename.

At first glance, the car is much more modern than the outgoing Arnage, which is essentially a Rolls-era limo. The new saloon has been developed entirely under the watch of new masters Volkswagen – and takes a technological leap forward accordingly.

New Bentley Arnage (2010) – the design story

The new Arnage is clearly aimed squarely at the Rolls-Royce Phantom end of the market. There's an imposing front end, the visage dominated by a huge mesh grille bisected by a chrome upright and bordered by a pair of lights. Each lamp is ringed by a corona of LEDs and there's a matching mini chicken-mesh grille below.

Bentley's official teaser photo above confirms the snout in high-res, and confirms there will also be a pop-up mascot, missing from our unauthorised photos of the production car.

Note the curvy tension built into the Arnage replacement's bonnet; there's real form, and the swelling peaks and troughs of the bodywork hark back to the 1950s R-type and other classic Bentleys.

Is the new Bentley Arnage a saloon?

Yes, although styling chief Dirk van Braeckel's design team has spirited in the feeling of a long, luxurious coupé. It's not clearly visible on these shots, but the rear door handles will be hidden and the bootline arcs downwards with a decidedly retro flourish.

>> Click 'Next' for more photos and revelations on the big new Bentley – including details of the V8 powertrain and interior of this exciting new addition to the Crewe family