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Porsche's new '911': the Cayenne fire engine

Published: 10 September 2008

Another day, another Porsche variant. Stuttgart's fire department has taken delivery of two red-hot Cayennes with a difference: they're emergency vehicles which have been specially tweaked by Porsche's Training Centre for the city's firemen.

The Stuttgart fire service claims that the hilly topography of the city meant it needed all-terrain emergency vehicles, and the project was given to local firm Porsche because the Cayenne served up the firemen's needs for something that can go anywhere fast. Nothing at all with them wanting to arrive in style or make neeh-naah noises in a Porsche. Honest.

So how has the Porsche Cayenne been turned into an emergency vehicle?

The fire Cayennes use the 286bhp 3.6-litre V6. But they've been fitted with all the kit that an emergency vehicle needs: blue light bars, sirens, a radio and GPS. But we can't help feeling that more Cayennes should be fitted with electrocardiograms, defibrillators and respiration apparatus. The shock of Porsche building a 4x4 is still affecting some fans...

Apparently fire Cayenne features a ‘hissing’ siren that can be heard from further away than a conventional one. That means drivers will move over sooner, so you should avoid the usual sight of a Cayenne filling your rear-view mirror.

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