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BMW 3-series Touring estate (2012) - F31 scooped

Published: 20 January 2012

BMW will launch the new F31 3-series Touring later in 2012 - but our artist's impressions give a good steer about what you can expect.

The new 3-series Touring, dubbed F31 in BMW-speak, is very much what you'd predict of a Three wagon: it's a lifestyle estate in the elegant mould, rather than a boxy Volvo tool. No surprises there - we'd already scooped the estate on test in Germany.

BMW 3-series Touring: the F31 lowdown

Expect to see the 3-series estate in UK showrooms in autumn 2012. A motor show debut is imminent, most likely at the Geneva expo in March 2012.

The Touring follows the format set by the new F30 BMW 3-series saloon: there's a sleek, baby 5-series style and a slew of clever tech underneath to keep the BMW dynamic standard high and the all-important appetite for fuel and CO2 low.

The new 3-series is longer and taller than the outgoing E90 saloon, with a 50mm wheelbase stretch; we expect the Touring to follow that recipe, with a modest weight reduction like the four-door's 50kg loss.

Engines in the new 3-series Touring

The engine range will mimic the choice in the saloon, so every motor will breathe through the forced induction of a turbocharger.

The range will start with a 316d Touring - actually a 2.0-litre TD - climbing all the way up through similar-capacity but bigger-badged 328i. Out with the straight six, in with a high-pressure 2.0-litre four-cylinder.

If you're feeling really extravagant, plump for the sole straight six, the 335i - with a 3.0-litre straight six, blown for 302bhp.

The 3-series Touring eco model

Expect a 320d EfficientDynamics version too. It has a detuned 2.0 D developing 161bhp, promising around 69mpg and 109g/km of CO2. Pretty extraordinary figures for a 2.0-litre compact exec, we're sure you'll agree.

BMW types promise the new 3-series Touring will be practical as well as frugal: the rear windscreen will pop up separately from the tailgate, and other practical touches are promised.

The growth spurt means the boot will grow a smidge from today's 460 litres with the rear seats up; expect nearer 500 litres.

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