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Four-door Mercedes-AMG GT concept makes the jump to production

Published: 08 May 2017

 Four-door AMG GT4 spotted testing
 Styling from 2dr GT, structure from E-class
 4.0 V8 power, will rival Panamera, M6, RS7

When Mercedes revealed the spectacular four-door AMG GT concept at the Geneva show earlier in 2017, its official statement said ‘the show car gives a sneak preview of the exterior design of the coming series production model’.

So it’s hardly a surprise to see testing of said production model is now underway, with this long-of-wheelbase and sweeping-of-roofline prototype spotted close to an AMG facility in Germany. Its name is yet to be confirmed, but AMG GT4 is the rumoured moniker.

The matt-finish camouflage and bustle-back boot disguise dilutes much of the surfacing, but at first glance it seems much of the show car’s style will indeed be mapped onto the road car.

Although it borrows its clean surfaces and design cues from the two-door AMG GT coupe, it shares more in common architecturally with the current E-class family.


The concept car was a hybrid – will the road car be?

TBC, but it’s possible. The concept car was branded under Mercedes’ EQ Power+ badge, which is also applied to its hybrid F1 powertrain.

Whether it’ll be assisted by an electric motor or not, the same ‘hot-in-vee’ twin-turbo V8 we know and love from the two-door AMG GT (and C63, and E63) will be under the long-bonnet, pushed as far back as possible against the firewall for optimum weight distribution.

Expect the same nine-speed automatic transmission, too, with or without hybrid ancillaries. While a two-tier range as per the AMG GT is likely, with a 500bhp-ish ‘regular’ model and a 600bhp S version with 4Matic four-wheel-drive, there may also be a further base model variant with a smaller six-cylinder powerplant. If so, it’s this version that may be best placed to employ a hybrid powertrain.


Boot space as well as knee room?

There should be space for four suitcases under that hatchback tailgate, which may sport a motorised spoiler on its bootlip, unlike the show car.

Up front, expect a vertical-slatted ‘Panamericana’ grille, like the two-door AMG GT.

Who’s it aimed at?

Potential buyers equally keen on speed and legroom, and with their designer shades trained on the likes of the Porsche Panamera, BMW M6 Gran Coupe and the Audi RS7.

Although sales may not start until 2019, we’ll see the final car well before then. Expect a price tag in the region of £120,000 for the highest-performance variants.

By James Taylor

CAR's online editor, automotive design graduate, Radical champ