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Mercedes-AMG GT4 (2019): Merc's Panamera and 6-series rival revealed

Published: 15 May 2015

► GT4 is next bespoke AMG sports car
► Aimed at BMW 6-series, Porsche Panam
► Here in 2019, based around next CLS

Mercedes-AMG has a surprise for you: this GT4 four-seater, the follow-up to the sublime GT 911 basher which has so captivated us in the past year.

Our artist's impression, published in the latest issue of CAR magazine (click here for a free preview), reveals the new four-door coupe due in 2019 to terrorise homegrown rivals the BMW 6-series Gran Coupe and Porsche Panamera.

Merc-AMG GT4: the lowdown

This car is based on the hardware of the next-generation CLS due in 2018; no body panels will be shared, but the power brokers of AMG will take the fundamental architecture of that car and redress it for a sportier, more focused mission. Much of the bodywork is crafted from aluminium to keep weight in check.

Expect shorter overhangs - our sources suggest it will be 100mm shorter than a CLS - but it remains a full four-seater, with space for four suitcases.

The fast-becoming-omnipresent 4.0-litre V8 and nine-speed automatic transmission are retained, meaning the engineers of Affalterbach have the option to crank up power to 503bhp and beyond; expect a variety of outputs on a menu of horsepower, topping out nearer 600bhp. Optional 4Matic will be offered to tame that power and suit conditions in slipperier climes.

When can I buy Mercedes' GT4?

Word is this AMG hotrod will be on the market within a year of the next CLS. We'd wager a launch date in 2019, carrying prices from £120,000. Helping justify those prices will be a slew of technology (carbon brakes, dynamic engine mounts, trick diff) and a cabin said to reflect the quality in the new Maybach-spec S-classes.

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By Georg Kacher

European editor, secrets uncoverer, futurist, first man behind any wheel