BMW 1-series tii with CSL-style roof

Published: 12 March 2009

We've been reporting for some time that BMW is preparing a range of warmed-over tii models  – and now an eagle-eyed CAR Online reader has snapped this Munich-registered 1-series with a carbonfibre roof à la BMW M3 CSL.

Rainer Wargitsch sent us these spy photos of the diet-struck 1-series captured 'right outside BMW's marketing office in Lilienthalallee in Munich.'

Wargitsch told us: 'From a distance it looked like a normal 1-series in white... but then the roof looked a bit odd. A closer look revealed that the roof was made of carbonfibre – a feature usually reserved for BMW's M cars like the M3 and M6. Maybe there's a new super sport 1-series in the works?'

When can I buy this hardcore 1-series?

Good question. We know a Supersport version of the 1-series is in the pipeline, but it's planned for the next generation of 1-series models due in 2011. The 1-series Supersport will be positioned between the 135i and M3 and is likely to feature a high-revving, four-cylinder twin-turbo engine.

Our sources suggest a capacity of between 2.0 and 2.2 litres, power of 300bhp, a twin-clutch transmission and reduced weight. Not least thanks to that carbonfibre lid, which is plain for all to see.

But this current-shape 1-series hatch points to a carbonfibre-roofed, more focused hot hatch of the current generation; think of it as a swansong for the range, in the same way the M3 CSL gave a final fillip to the outgoing E46 3-series range.

BMW chairman: the boss speaks

Big cheese Norbert Reithofer confirmed the tii plan to CAR in an interview last year. He said the response to the 1-series coupe tii concept from the 2007 Tokyo show was positive. 'Expect to see tailormade tii packages in the very near future.'

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By Tim Pollard

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  • BMW 1-series tii with CSL-style roof
  • BMW 1-series tii with CSL-style roof
  • BMW 1-series tii with CSL-style roof