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BMW X2 scoop: BMW's new baby SUV (2009)

By Georg Kacher/Tim Pollard (artist's impression by Larson)

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05 September 2008 09:00

BMW X2: a two-door SUV

You read that right. The X2 is currently planned to be a two-door that combines a low-slung roof with the squat footprint of an SUV. Prepare for more shocking designs from that hornets' nest of style shocks, overseen by the lord of louche, Chris Bangle.

X1 and X2 will of course share hardware under the skin, in much the same way that today's X5 and X6 are the same under their different metalwork. And if you want a clue as to their intent, check out their respective internal codenames: the X1 is the Sports Activity Wagon (SAW) and the X2 is known as Sports Activity Runabout (SAR).

Both will be positioned above the Mini SAV (that's a Sports Activity Vehicle, acronym fans take note) which is due out in 2009. It's telling we'll also see a crossover concept for Mini's new 4x4 at the Paris show on 2 October 2008.

And will this new generation of BMW small 4x4s cost the earth?

Wake up! These are small BMWs, so of course they won't be cheap. The xDrive hardware will add €2500 (£2000) to the cost of an equivalent 1-series, which will donate much of the running gear. And that bespoke bodystyle is said to add at least €1000 (£800), so even the cheapest X1 is going to cost at least £19,000.

And if you must have the coupe-cool of the X2 revealed here, bank on another £2000 again, thanks to the planned higher equipment level, better materials, wider tyres and that low-volume, bespoke bodywork.

Are the X1 and X2 definitely happening?

The X2 is very much on the drawing board but, unlike the X1, has yet to be given the green light. That decision will be taken in 2009, once BMW has had time to gauge interest in the X6 and the X1 concept.

If approved, the X2 will roll into showrooms in early 2011. You can read CAR's previous scoops on the BMW X1 here.

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