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Gordon Murray Design T25 city car: the scoop (2008)

By Tim Pollard (artist's impressions by Motor Forecast)

Spy shots

30 October 2008 21:27

CAR Online today exclusively reveals how two versions of Gordon Murray Design’s radical new T25 city car will look when they go on sale in Europe and Japan in 2012. And we can disclose that – in a departure from Murray’s initial plans – the T25 could go on sale in the Unites States just two years later.

The first and most popular variant of the T25 will be the mini-MPV pictured in our main artist’s impression: it’s a ‘multi-seat’ car with a flexible interior layout similar to the Toyota iQ’s, which can be configured to suit adults, children or luggage.

Overall length will be just 2.4 metres, making the T25 – amazingly – a full 60cm shorter than the iQ. If they pull it off, this thing could represent a genuine packaging miracle.

Gordon Murray Design T25: a family of cars

Plastic panels mean that other T25 bodystyles can be introduced quickly and cheaply using the same front-engined running gear. A convertible and pick-up are already under consideration, and it might be possible for owners to switch between some bodystyles – the pick-up and a commercial van, for instance – on their own driveway using a kit of panels.

‘The possibilities are only limited by how big your imagination is,’ Murray told CAR Online in an exclusive interview.

Gordon Murray Design (GMD), the company he set up to develop the T25 and other car projects, is in fact already planning a whole family of bodystyles wrapped around the same wheelbase: the mini-MPV passenger car (pictured), a van, pick-up, taxi, police car (also created by our artist) and a convertible.

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