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Published: 07 April 2020

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If you’re looking for something to entertain the kids during some downtime, or keen to add to your collection Lego continues to launch some great car-based kits for all ages.

Most of the CAR team loves Lego, so much so that we all down tools to drool over a new kit when it launches. So we’ve pieced together (geddit?) a list of the best car Lego kits you can buy right now.

Given the current situation surrounding many countries enforcing a Coronavirus-related lockdown, Lego and its foundation have launched something called Let's Build Together - an initiative designed to keep the creativity flowing while you're stuck at home.

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Technic Land Rover Defender

This is a must-have kit for any motoring fan. The hype for Land Rover’s new Defender shows no sign of slowing down even after we drove it. But if you can’t afford to stump up for the real thing, Lego’s version is the next best thing.

It’s a tricky build, with 2,573 pieces in total. The Defender has the most advanced gearbox of any Lego model so far, according to the brick brand, and comes with three differentials, high- and low-ratios, independent suspension for each wheel, accessories and plenty of moving parts. The build process caught us out a couple of times when we built it ourselves, but the end product is one of the most detailed, feature-filled and visually similar kits Lego has made to date.

Buy the Lego Defender on Amazon below


Creator Ford Mustang

Lego Mustang

One of the best Creator kits to come out of Lego recently is this classic Mustang. Finished in a navy blue with a detailed beige interior, this really does look exactly like the real thing. Being a Creator kit, it’s a little more accessible for younger builders and cheaper than your average Technic kit, too.

But what’s so special about this Mustang is the option to customise it. Once you’ve finished building it, you also have a selection of parts you can add or swap, changing your classic muscle car into a true hot rod. The rear axle has a modifiable ride height, and you can add a whopping supercharger to the engine among other details.

Buy the Creator Ford Mustang on Amazon below

Speed Champions Ferrari F40

Lego F40 Speed Champs

A classic for any budding car fan and young Lego builder. The Speed Champions selection has boomed in both popularity and variety, with Lego seemingly cranking out a new kit every week.

This F40 model is a must for anyone’s collection. Not least because it’s a classic Ferrari model, but you can play it in Forza Horizon 4’s Lego Speed Champions add-on. It also should help satiate anyone looking to build the iconic model after Lego retired the larger Creator kit we’ve already built.

Buy the Speed Champions F40 on Amazon below


Creator Aston Martin DB5

Lego DB5

Pretend you’re James Bond with this very life-like Goldfinger-spec DB5. If you can’t afford to commission Aston Martin to build you a real-life gadget car, this 1,295-piece Lego version has a miniaturised version of James Bond’s most iconic car, complete with mini gadgets. Ejector seat, rotating licence plate, bulletproof visor and tyre cutters all included.

Buy the Creator DB5 below


Speed Champions Audi S1 Quattro

Lego Audi quattro

Live out your fantasies as a Group B driver with this warbling five-cylinder legend. This S1 Quattro rally car kit one of the coolest motorsport models in the range, and Lego has worked a treat at making this look so close to the real thing.

This is also one of the first Speed Champions models to debut a new size. Lego has recently scaled up the dimensions of these dinky models by 25 per cent compared to older ones – it allows for greater detail when it comes to building.

Buy the Speed Champions Audi S1 Quattro below


Technic Mercedes Arocs

Lego Mercedes ARocs

When this model debuted, it became the largest-ever Technic kit produced, comprising 2,793 pieces. The Mercedes Arocs kit is actually a two-in-one kit: a tipper truck or a construction-focused articulated low-loader can be built from the one kit.

The Arocs kit features independent suspension, twin front axle steering (in tipper truck mode), a six-cylinder engine underneath the cab and power functions for the crane arm that uses pneumatic pumps to work.

Technically, this kit has been officially retired by Lego, but we just had to include it for the detail, scope and amount of innovations in the build.

You can still find Arocs sets on Amazon below


Technic Bugatti Chiron

Lego Chiron

We couldn’t have a list of the best Lego kits without featuring this one. The Technic Chiron is a 3,599-piece kit with some pretty sweet features. Each one has a unique serial number, the W16 engine is put together in minute detail and there’s even a ‘top speed key’ that changes the angle of the rear wing.

More importantly, Lego and Bugatti went one step better, even making a life-sized version of the Chiron that was driveable.

Buy the Technic Chiron kit on Amazon below

By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches