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CAR is the online edition of CAR magazine, Britain's oldest monthly motoring mag. CAR originally launched in 1962 as Small Car and Mini Owner, swiftly expanding its focus and simply becoming CAR.

Why you should trust us

The magazine has a history of innovation. We invented the group test, pioneered the drive story and coined the phrase 'supercar' – and all three remain staples of CAR. The magazine is also renowned for its photography, writing and design. From LJK Setright to Gavin Green and Georg Kacher, CAR was and still is the home of the world's most respected automotive journalists.

And CAR is global. As well as CAR Online and the UK magazine, we have 14 overseas editions: Brazil, China, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine. Through all its media, CAR interacts with more than 650,000 consumers each month.

For the definitive view on all things automotive, get CAR.

Meet the team


Tim Pollard – Digital editorial director

Tim oversees the editorial team that brings you Parkers.co.uk, the UK's biggest motoring editorial website according to independent web traffic auditor ComScore, CAR magazine and CarZing

He's worked at many of the UK's biggest automotive outlets, including stints as deputy editor of What Car?, running CAR magazine's award-winning website, heading up the news section of Autocar magazine and writing about company cars for Business Car, Fleet News and Fleet Week. Tim's reviewed cars for newspapers, magazines and websites - and spent a couple of years on the staff at Microsoft, sprucing up his digital publishing skills leading MSN Cars.

In that time, he's picked up a few trophies along the way, including the Guild of Motoring Writers' prestigious Journalist of the Year award, the Periodical Publishers' Association (PPA) Digital Innovation of the Year and Bauer Media's Digital Editor of the Year gong.

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Curtis Moldrich – Online editor

If it’s online and CAR magazine related, Curtis has something to do with it. His interest in cars was fuelled by his petrol head parents; both owned MGs, so he always had a good idea of how an engine worked – or didn’t.

The motor show at Earls Court was an annual event and watching F1 was and still is a firm fixture of every weekend. But his parents went one better taking him to Le Mans, Spa, Monte Carlo – and Brands Hatch.  

Surrounded by Matchbox cars, Scalextric, racing games and usually staring out the window of his parents’ assorted Volvos, working at CAR magazine seems like an obvious path now. However, spells as a tech journalist the Telegraph and Dennis Publishing gave Curtis the skills and strategy to go with his innate passion for four wheels.  

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Phil McNamara – Editor-in-chief

Phil’s car journey started with his dad, forever tinkering with mum’s Morris Minor Traveller in the garage and looking unusually cool in his Reliant Scimitar. His interest in Ford, Peugeot and BMW stems from his car tastes, and he started writing about cars in 1998 for a company car magazine. This led to a couple of years as news editor on Autocar, before his love for glossy, intelligent magazines lured him to CAR in 2003 – and he's been here ever since. 

CAR has been an incredible playground, giving him the access to cover an industry he finds fascinating and thrilling. As editor of CAR for 10 years and 124 issues, he inherited a mag with a pioneering history of great story-telling, leading-edge photography and award-winning design, and shaped it for the future by embracing new car trends and technologies and digital publishing channels.

His favourite two drive stories were bending the rules to take a Porsche 997 to the Great Wall of China, and blasting from Monte Carlo to Maranello in a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Maserati GranTurismo and Alfa 8C, commemorating those three brands 1-2-3 in the 1950 Monaco GP. A mind-blowing opportunity, where he could wallow in his love of exotic Italian cars for five days. And drag it out for almost 17 years so far!

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Ben Miller – Editor

A magazine journalist, on two wheels and four, for 20 years, Ben’s driven every important new car since 2014, and often quite a bit further than a spin around the block.

From (Auto-) piloting a Tesla Model X across the heart of oil-obsessed Texas to discovering Montenegro’s breathtaking mountain roads in the then new Jaguar F-Pace, his driving database is built on deep foundations of serious, sometimes exotic mileage.

Fond of stuff with Honda engines in (notably theAriel Nomad he ran for six months, his 1991 V4 VFR400R and the current Civic Type R), V12s (preferably from Maranello) and French hatches from the ’80s (there’s a 205 XS, his second, in the garage), his twin loves are writing stories that do their subject matter justice and interviewing the brilliant brains that make the automotive world tick.

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Colin Overland – Managing editor

These days he’s mostly found at a desk, tutting and fussing about commas, but CAR’s managing editor has enjoyed a few decent drives in his time: a Land Cruiser across Costa Rica, an E-Class through China, an L200 up a muddy mountain in Turkey…

This is his second stint on CAR in a 34-year journalistic career that’s also included working at Autocar, 4Car, Classic Bike, Motor Cycle News and RiDE, with brief stints in India and Singapore.

Irrationally fond of spectating at drag racing and hankering after a return to the Dakar, he idolises Jacky Ickx and his dream car is the Daihatsu Terios.

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James Taylor – Deputy features editor

James became interested in cars playing with Matchbox toys; as an adult he’s somehow managed to find a job playing with full-size cars.

James studied automotive design at university, where the main thing he learned about car design is that it’s very difficult. While studying he found part-time work as a driving experience instructor – not a typical Saturday job – logging hundreds of hours in the passenger seats of supercars.

Cutting his racing teeth in a homebuilt kart as a teenager, James later won the Want2Race competition, which opened the door to racing cars. He’s been fortunate to race Ginettas, Radicals, a McLaren and more on behalf of CAR, and still worries he’ll wake up to find it was all a dream.

After editing CAR’s website, James now looks after the magazine’s award-winning features section together with editor Ben Miller. James likes any car that is fit for purpose – whether that’s a lightweight sports car, an affordable supermini or an ultra-practical MPV.

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James Dennison – Head of automotive video

Responsible for all editorial video output from Parkers and CARJames and his trusted group of full-time and freelance filmmakers occupy what is affectionately known as ‘Video Island’ in the Bauer Media office.  

James started out as a Junior Staff Writer on Parkers in 2016, following part-time jobs at BMW and Audi dealerships while studying at university. It was here that he honed his road-testing skills and learnt what is was the average UK car buyer was really after from their latest automotive purchase… which often turned out to be effective heated seats. 

Aside from reviewing and presenting, James’ time (and money) is spent on chasing his racing driver dreams. He currently takes part in the MG Trophy, but is available for guest appearances in just about anything else with four wheels…

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Jake Groves – Deputy news editor

A staffer since 2017, Jake can turn his hand to turning around breaking news stories in a flash, interviewing industry executives, road testing the latest metal in the UK and abroad and even craft bigger features and comparison tests for both the print and digital side of CAR. He's also now responsible for the Insider and Tech section of CAR's print magazine.

He studied journalism at university, creating his own print magazine during his student days, and is known for being able to spot cars on the street even before he could walk, hooning around in a Ferrari at 14 and spending far too much of his time building a dream garage on an online configurator.

Jake adores hot hatches and has a real soft spot for pickup trucks, too. Like Curtis, he also pours many hours into racing games.

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