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Best electric cars 2024

Published: 04 April 2024 Updated: 05 April 2024

► The best electric cars of 2024
► Our guide to the UK’s top EVs
► Electric car buying advice and more 

The world is changing, and gradually petrol and diesel cars are being pushed out by electric vehicles. Sales of electric cars have overtaken diesel, and they now make up around one in five new vehicles registered in Britain. That’s impressive growth and comes from more choice in the EV market, as well as cheaper electric car options.

Why are more people opting to plug in? Well, there are more EVs on the market in 2024 than ever before – every day seems to bring news of the latest fresh model launch. There are also a myriad of new brands arriving, especially from China. In addition to falling costs, there are models of all shapes and sizes, from electric SUVs to sports cars and small, compact EVs too. 

Motorists’ nervousness about making the switch is slowly receding, with the longest-range electric cars helping to eliminate range anxiety.

The best electric cars at a glance

  • Best electric car for those who enjoy driving:  Porsche Taycan
  • Best electric car for outright space: Kia EV9
  • Best electric car for value for money: MG4

If you’re interested in getting an electric car, scroll down for our full list of the top electric cars currently available. We’ve driven every EV on sale in the UK today and our round-up includes a broad spectrum of EVs, from small city cars to large seven-seat SUVs designed for big families and everything in between.

The best electric cars on sale in the UK in 2024

Porsche Taycan

Best for buyers wanting the Porsche of EVs

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Pros: Great to drive, long range, clever tech
Cons: Active Ride suspension occasionally odd, expensive options

The Porsche Taycan was already CAR’s favourite electric car with its mix of a superb driving experience, high-end interior and strong performance making it an exceptional choice. A recent update has only solidified the Taycan’s position as right at the top of the EV game. Most of the key changes for 2024 concern the mechanicals, with all versions getting more powerful motors and larger batteries. 

Porsche now claims up to 422 miles from a charge, one of the longest ranges of any EV on sale today, while the addition of a flagship Turbo GT sees the maximum power increase to a frankly ludicrous 1093bhp. Other changes for 2024 include a new Active Ride suspension setup, which can tilt the car like a motorbike so it can ‘lean’ into corners and also raise the ride height as soon as a door handle is pressed for easier access. We’re yet to try the new Taycan on home soil, but based on first impressions, the best EV has only got even better. 

To find out more, read our full Porsche Taycan review

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Kia EV6

Best electric car for families

Kia EV6 front grey

Pros: Sweet to drive, clever technology, rapid charge times
Cons: Firm ride and a lack of physical interior controls (but not much else)

Kia’s flagship EV6 is available in single-motor two-wheel drive or twin-motor four-wheel drive flavours. All regular models are capable of 300+ miles according to WLTP testing, while those happy to sacrifice some range for performance might be interested in the hot 577bhp EV6 GT.

Even lesser models handle well, with good performance and a comfortable ride. It’s similar in size to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 on which it’s based, meaning plentiful space for passengers to lounge front and rear. There’s a capacious boot, too, making it a perfectly practical choice for families. It’s our sister site Parkers’ Large Electric Car of the Year for 2023, too. Prices for the EV6 range start at £45,245.

Read our full Kia EV6 review

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Mercedes EQS

Best electric car for avoiding public charging

The longest-range EVs: Mercedes-Benz EQS

Pros: Massive range, loads of tech, brilliant refinement, performance
Cons: Looks like a lump, by no means an electric S-Class

Public electric car charging is often the one aspect that can detract from the experience of running an EV. So if you want to do your best to avoid this, we strongly recommend looking at the Mercedes EQS. It’s the German firm’s flagship EV, and impresses with its electric range of up to a remarkable 441 miles. That’s enough to get from Southampton to Edinburgh without charging, theoretically at least, and currently the most of any new EV on sale in the UK. 

Though the EQS might offer exceptional refinement and bundles of technology, its quality and comfort don’t quite live up to Mercedes’ billing of it being the ‘S-Class of the electric car world’.

To find out more read our full Mercedes EQS review

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Best electric car for value for money

Best Electric Cars - MG 4, orange, front three quarter

Pros: Mega value, good to drive, generous kit
Cons: Interior is a little too Playmobil for our liking

MG’s electric cars until now have been good value, dull but worthy things that did nothing for the brand’s image as a purveyor of Chinese knock-offs. The MG4 is a totally different kettle of fish. It’s all-new, based on a scalable EV platform, with a line-up that includes Standard, Long and Extended Range versions. The latter can travel up to a claimed 323 miles from a charge too. 

It’s good to drive, the interior’s not too bad, and it’s loaded with equipment – yet the entry-level model undercuts a Volkswagen ID.3 by more than £8,000 with finance packages that look insanely tempting. This isn’t just a good cheap electric car, it’s a good electric car full stop – that just happens to be remarkable value. Prices start from an attractive £26,995.

To find out more read our full MG 4 review

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Tesla Model 3

Best electric car for just about anything

Tesla Model 3

Pros: Great range, strong performance, Tesla’s excellent charging network
Cons: Fiddly interior, bit generic

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the UK’s most popular electric cars, and for good reason. Though it might currently be Tesla’s smallest and most affordable vehicle, it offers the same levels of technology and brilliant driver assistance features as its far more expensive cars. Regardless of which Model 3 you go for, this electric saloon car offers great performance and huge scope for long distances between charging – up to a claimed 390 miles in the case of the ‘Long Range’ version. 

The Model 3 has also recently been refreshed, with Tesla addressing some previous interior quality concerns. Though it’s not quite perfect, or up to BMW standards, it feels like a far more rounded product than it did previously. As with any model from the firm, you also get one of the most seamless charging experiences around, owing to Tesla being the only manufacturer to have its own network of EV chargers.

To find out more read our full Tesla Model 3 review

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Volkswagen ID.7

Best electric car if you want something executive on a budget

VW ID.7 charging

Pros: VW’s best EV, undercuts its rivals on price, very comfortable
Cons: Looks a bit like an appliance, infotainment still isn’t perfect

Volkswagen’s venture into the world of bespoke electric cars got off to a rocky start with its ID. line-up, but it now seems to have hit the nail on the head with the new ID.7. Currently its flagship EV, this large executive saloon addresses quality and ergonomic concerns from previous electric Volkswagens. It shines with its hugely spacious interior and excellent ride quality and refinement that make it great for long distances. There will be an ID.7 Tourer estate model arriving later in 2024 too. 

But where the ID.7 excels in particular is when it concerns value. It’s far larger than the Model 3, which puts it next to the BMW i5 and Mercedes EQE, both of which cost almost £70,000 even as a starter. However, with the ID.7 costing from £51,550, it’s a significantly more affordable option. It also boasts a 383-mile range, though a larger battery version is on the way to increase that.

To find out more read our full Volkswagen ID.7 review

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Kia EV9

Best electric car with seven seats

Kia EV9 review (2023)

Pros: Space for seven adults, stunning interior, quick charging
Cons: Not very efficient, nothing special to drive

Up until recently, if you wanted a practical electric seven-seater, you were limited to one of the many van-based MPVs, which don’t do a lot for your street cred. But the Kia EV9 has represented a significant shift as the first proper seven-seat SUV with enough space for adults in all three rows. 

It’s quite a big bus too, with similar dimensions to a Range Rover, but at least all that space is put to good use with the EV9’s versatile interior having all manner of seating configurations. This Kia also boasts a huge 100kWh battery allowing a claimed 349-mile range, though efficiency isn’t a strong point. On the plus side, its ultra-rapid charging capability means you shouldn’t be stopped for long waiting for the battery to be topped up. With prices starting from £65,025, the EV9 isn’t cheap, though. 

To find out more read our full Kia EV9 review

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Skoda Enyaq

Best electric car if you want an SUV and aren’t a badge snob

Skoda Enyaq

Pros: Typically spacious and clever Skoda interior, impressive range on ’85’, comfortable
Cons: Not engaging to drive, expensive options, slower charging on RWD cars

Skoda’s cars are known for being spacious, comfortable and easy to live with, and all those traits are carried over to the firm’s first bespoke EV, the Enyaq. Introduced in 2021, it’s recently been bolstered by more powerful electric motors and a redesigned battery that helps to expand this Skoda’s electric range to up to a claimed 348 miles. It’s quicker to charge now too owing to the maximum charging being increased to 175kW, though the fastest charging is restricted to all-wheel-drive models (badged with an ‘X’ in their name or the sporty vRS). 

The Enyaq sits at the more sensible end of the electric car scale with its focus on spaciousness and being solid family transport, but if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s ideal for the task. Prices start from £38,970.

To find out more read our full Skoda Enyaq review

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Best electric car if you want a premium SUV

The longest-range EVs: BMW iX

Best electric car if you want a premium SUV
Pros: Ace to drive, long-range, lovely interior
Cons: How it looks

Whatever you think of that large-nostrilled nose, or that rear overhang, you aren’t going to mistake the BMW iX for any other car. That’s good news for Munich because BMW has put some serious engineering effort into its new electric SUV. It’s full of tech and performance, from the Integrated Brake system that manages slowing the car via the motors and/or friction – to the 3.8-second 0-62mph time of the M60 model. Less powerful models also boast a claimed range of up to 382 miles. 

Above everything else, BMW’s new iX is incredibly intriguing. It’s such a dramatic step in its design inside and out for BMW (even by its own recent radical standards) and yet still has plenty of the brand’s DNA sewn into it. An expensive but spacious and premium SUV. Prices start from £70,985.

To find out more read our full BMW iX review

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Fiat 500 Electric

Best electric car for city driving

2022 Fiat 500 electric

Pros: Chic, modish style, perfect for around town, decent equipment
Cons: Low range compromises out-of-town use, prices have shot up

Don’t think that Fiat simply rammed a load of batteries up the backside of the ageing 500 – the latest 500 Electric is a brand new car from the ground up. It’s marginally larger than the combustion-engined 500 that still lumbers on in Hybrid guise 15 years after launch, although the rear seats are still cramped and the boot rather small. Still, that’s the price you pay for the compact dimensions.

Two battery sizes are offered, with 115 miles of WLTP range in the smaller-celled Action and 199 miles in the bigger-batteried version. Crucially, it’s far better to drive than the 500 Hybrid, with decent handling and punchy performance. It also looks ace and gets plenty of modern creature comforts. It’s also our sister site Parkers’ Best Small Electric Car for 2023. It starts at £28,195, but you’ll have to pay £31,195 for the long-range model.

To find out more read our full Fiat 500 electric review

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What’s the best electric car?

The best electric car depends on your requirements, whether that be a large SUV or city car. Our outright favourite is the Porsche Taycan, which manages to offer driving engagement that no other electric car can offer, yet still having great ease of use and a stunning interior. At a more affordable level, the Tesla Model 3 and Kia EV6 are each great choices. 

What’s the cheapest electric car?

Electric cars, generally speaking, remain more expensive than a like-for-like petrol or diesel equivalent, though there are signs this is changing. And 2024 could be a turning point, with the arrival of the Dacia Spring, which will become the UK’s cheapest electric car by some margin with a £14,995 starting price. Citroen’s e-C3 will also arrive late in 2024 for ‘under £23,000’. At the time of writing, the MG4 holds the title as the cheapest, starting from £26,995. 

What EV has the most space?

If you want the most spacious EV, there are two routes to go down – SUVs and van-based MPVs. If you want an SUV, the Kia EV9 or Mercedes EQS SUV are the best options, each available with seven seats. 

Van-based MPVs are also a credible option, with models such as the Vauxhall Vivaro Life Electric and Peugeot e-Traveller both being great option, and are capable of seating up to nine in a 3+3+3 arrangement. The upcoming seven-seat Volkswagen ID.Buzz is also worth considering. 

What electric cars have the longest ranges?

The longest-range electric cars are typically those with the largest battery. That’s the case with the Mercedes EQS SUV, which continues to hold the title as the longest-range EV on sale in the UK, with its 107.8kWh battery allowing for a claimed 441 miles between charges. Very closely behind is the Fisker Ocean SUV, which packs 440 miles, while the Polestar 2 can achieve a claimed 406 miles on the WLTP testing cycle. 

Are electric cars the future?

There’s increasingly a global acceptance that the sale of fossil-fuel cars needs to come to an abrupt end to bring down pollution caused by the transport sector. Many manufacturers think electric cars are the solution and have invested heavily in product plans and to a date when they’ll phase out anything that’s not an EV. In the industry, it’s widely accepted to be the future. However, that isn’t a given, as there are other technologies at play in the background. Firms such as Toyota and BMW continue to work on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, while Porsche and Mazda are exploring the use of e-fuels, which are sustainably produced liquids that can be used in a regular engine to replace petrol and diesel and bring significant environmental benefits. 

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