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A sneak preview of the new March 2019 issue of CAR magazine

Published: 13 February 2019

► A digital preview of CAR magazine
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► On sale in print, for tablet and iPhone too 

CAR magazine's March 2019 issue is on sale now, available not only in print but digitally on your smartphone or tablet. The digital edition of the UK’s smartest motoring magazine is now optimised for smartphones such as the iPhone and Android devices, as well as the Apple iPad and other tablets. And that means you’ll be able to get exclusive, optimised content delivered to your device, every month.

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In the March 2019 issue of CAR... 

  • 2019's hottest used buys  We pore over the secondhand heroes of the year
  • Supercar SUVs  New Lambo Urus takes on Merc G-Class, Range Rover
  • Tesla for tough mudders  Inside Rivian, the new outward bound EV maker
  • V12 shoot-out!  Ferrari 812 Superfast battles Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
  • Bugatti veers off road  Scoop on the more practical, tougher Bug

By Ben Miller

The editor of CAR magazine, story-teller, average wheel count of three