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Seth Walton

Seth Walton is a staff writer on the Bauer automotive hub, specialising in ownership content for Car and our sister site, Parkers. He's covered a raft of topics from ULEZ news to changing default speed limits, and also has a background in product testing having previously worked on Bauer's affiliate team.

Seth's affinity with the automotive world started at an early age. Coming from a family of automotive journalists, his core memories include being whipped around the country lanes of Cambridgeshire in Stuttgart and Modena’s finest, usually at speeds the coppers were better off not knowing about.

He graduated from university with a degree in journalism in 2020, but during his studies he tried to soak up as much car culture as possible, including work at CAR magazine, Jaguar World and assisting on editorial content for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He enjoys nothing more than diving headfirst into automotive topics, writing for anyone who will give him the space.

In a fairly humble car-owning history, Seth has been the custodian of a Citroen C1 and a 2005 Ford Fiesta. The latter he took around Europe on a road trip to Monaco in 2017, just five days after passing his driving test. He made it back in one piece but says the trip granted him a perspective on car culture, car ownership and the pleasure of driving that has endured ever since. Seth’s most coveted include Porsches of the 1970s, old muscle cars and pretty much any Ferrari (bigger the price tag, the better).

You can follow Seth on his Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Alternatively, you can find a list of his latest articles at the bottom of this page.

Seth Walton