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The best H7 LED headlight bulbs for your track car

Published: 25 October 2021 Updated: 29 October 2021
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Headlight technology has come a long way in the last few years. From the halogen bulbs of old there are now LEDs, HIDs and even lasers are being used on posh Audis. All of these lights are more powerful than conventional headlights, use less power to run and look cooler. In short, they sound like a no-brainer upgrade for almost any car.

Problem is, cars that were not fitted with such headlights from the factory arenot legally allowed to be retrofitted with LED bulbs. For more information on why we’ve got an article on general headlights for your car here.

And as cars that come with LED lights as standard will require a dealer to replace the bulbs, it means these bulbs can only be used in special circumstances.

LED headlight bulbs therefore can only be used on racetracks and off-road. So, if you own a track caryou won’t be using on the road or a mud-plugging 4×4 and are wanting to upgrade your bulbs, we have the perfect options for you.

Why aren’t they road legal?

The reason you can’t retrofit LED headlights to a car is that there is no legislation to regulate or test these bulbs. Current legislation tests the filament which an LED light lacks meaning it isn’t covered. And as all bulbs require a British Standard mark to be legal, they are illegal to fit to your car. And because they’re brighter, it’s easier for them to dazzle other drivers if they aren’t adjusted correctly.

What you need to know about H7 LED headlights:

By Ryan Gilmore

Deputy commercial content editor looking after product testing for CAR and Parkers, veteran car detailer and double bucket enthusiast