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The best screwdriver sets

Published: 25 October 2021 Updated: 29 October 2021

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections read why you should trust us A screwdriver set is as essential in a garage as a garage door. To not have a screwdriver set is to not have a bed in a bedroom, a cooker in a kitchen, a sofa in the living room, a bog in the throne room.

A screwdriver set comes in rather handy for small jobs on the car, even if it’s as basic a job as tightening up the screws holding up the number plate.

There are many screw types that demand the use of several different screwdrivers. There are different types of screwdrivers too. The standard metal prong with a handle you’ll be familiar with, but there are electric screwdrivers these days too.

Electric screwdrivers are not very big and can’t match the power of an electric drill or your own wrist, but when you are presented with many screws to undo or tighten, they are a relief from RSI.

You don’t need go crazy and spend hundreds of pounds on a mechanic’s trade set. Just a basic set with the common sizes and head types will do. You can always add pieces later if you require them.

Rolson 9-piece screwdriver set

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Containing the basics to get you going, this nine-piece set from Rolson comprises five flat-head screwdrivers and four Phillips cross-head, with a stubby version in each as well as three sizes of longer-shaft items. There is also a hefty flat-head driver and all but the stubby and narrowest shaft versions have a hex-drive formed into the shaft so extra torque can be applied with a spanner.

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This 34-piece set of Stanley screwdrivers is also Amazon’s Choice and for good reason; Stanley is a well-respected brand in the tool world and this set, housed in a handy plastic case, includes three flat-blade drivers, three Phillips and two Torx drivers, as well as five precision drivers and 20 bits with a drive handle. All handles are formed in double material for strength, grip and comfort.

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If you’ve lost the toolkit that came with your car and you’re looking for something useful to keep in the glovebox just in case, then this handy little screwdriver from Stanley will fit the bill. It uses a triangular handle for grip and comfort and comes with a double-ended Phillips drive and flat-head drive, as well as 6mm and 8mm hexagonal drive for bits. It also has a bolster to allow a spanner to provide additional torque.

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If you need a bit more force with your screwdrivers, then this go-through kit from Neilsen can help. The handle is formed around the outside of a single shaft so that if you need to, you can hit the end with a hammer to transfer impact force to the fitting or use a spanner or socket on the end of the shaft for additional torque. The kit contains six of each flat-head and Pozidriv, including stubby and thin-shaft and are colour coded – blue for flat-head and red for Pozidriv.

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In most kits of screwdrivers, you usually get a stubby screwdriver; one with a short handle and shaft that allows you in where there is restricted access. However, sometimes, you can’t get close to the screw itself and need an extra-long shaft to get to screw deep inside the engine bay. In that case, you need a long-reach screwdriver and this pair from Rothenburger comes with a flat-head and a Pozidriv cross-head with 300mm long shafts for access to all sorts of screws.

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You might only ever need these offset screwdrivers once or twice but when you do need them, they will prove invaluable. For screws in very restricted locations, where even a stubby screwdriver won’t get, then these can often help. While you may not be able to produce huge amounts of torque, depending on that access, they will allow you to get a tricky screw moving. You get two different-sized drivers, each with a flat-head and a Pozidriv end.

Amazon Basics 73-Piece Magnetic Ratchet Wrench and Screwdriver Set

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A set of drive bits and a single handle is a really useful addition to any toolbox and this 73-piece set from the Amazon Basics line is a great example. It comes with a ratchet handle that can be locked for a direct drive and a selection of bits, including flat-head and Posidriv, Phillips head, hexagonal head, Torx drives and more. The handle is magnetic so metal screws can be held on the end of the drive bit for easy starting or to prevent them falling away when released.

Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery

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For relative versatility, the fifth-generation IXO tool is brilliant. In the small case, you get the tool, charger, and 10 screwdriver bits. It has a three hour charge time with a micro USB cable. However, there are attachments you can get that totally transform it. You can get a corkscrew attachment, and a BBQ spice mill one, too, to name a couple.

By Chris Williams

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