CAR’s Black Friday 2020 deals: accessories, gadgets and gift ideas

Published: 27 November 2020

► Best Black Friday deals for car fans
► Our pick of the hottest discounts and deals
► Keen prices for car-related goodies

Black Friday might be the best day to get flatscreen TVs, electric tooth brushes and other electricals on the cheap – but there are other deals to take advantage of too. And with that in mind, the CAR team has been on the look-out for the best deals for petrolheads, too 

We can’t help you if you want to get a deal on the new 911 GT3, but if you are looking for some of the best prices on car accessories, car care, gadgets and gift ideas read on. 

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The best Black Friday deals: CAR’s top picks

Lego Lamborghini Sián

We've covered the real thing at length, but now you can assemble you're own hypercar at home. We haven't found any deals on the real one – after all, only 63 exist in the world – but we have found a discount on the Lego version. RRP was £349.99 and today it's £199.99.

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Our own Black Friday sale is now on. Give the gift of a CAR magazine subscription this year and get 20% off selected subscriptions with free UK delivery.
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The cutting-edge Garmin dash cam

This compact little camera packs in the tech. The Garmin 66W incorporates GPS, voice command, 1440 HD video and 180 degree field of view, incident detection, plus lane departure, and speed camera location alerts via the Garmin Drive app. RRP is £199 and it’s down to £134 this Black Friday. 
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Alexa Auto

If you rely on Alexa to organise your home life, why not have it (her?) in your car too. Echo Auto connects to your car via a smartphone app and talks to you via the speakers. Normally £49.99 but this Black Friday Alexa can join you for £29.99. 
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CTEK car battery charger

If you aren’t driving your beloved car for a while it’s worth investing in an automatic charger will preserve the life of your battery and avoid the need to pop next door in search of jump leads. The MXS 5.0 will keep your car ready for action and CTEK is one of our favourite brands of car battery chargers. Normally £79.99 but down to £56.96 for Black Friday. 
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The full suite of Autoglym for less

This Autoglym pack contains everything you need to give your car the love it deserves. Autoglym says it's the perfect gift for a car enthusiast, but we reckon at this price you can treat yourself tooPerfection normally costs £75.20 but it’s down to £49.62 for Black Friday. 
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Mini Dash Cam - a great value and piece of mind

The most compact cam in the APEMAN range being around the size of an egg, it's our favourite if your priority is finding something discreet and you’re on a budget. The Apeman Mini Dash Cam is normally £29.00 and this Black Friday it’s £22.24. 
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Karcher K4 is the pressure washer for you

Buying a good car pressure washer will save you time and money, so you can wave goodbye to costly automatic and hand car washes. This isn’t the cheapest but Karcher is to pressure washing what JCB is to excavating, and this one will blast dirt of pretty much anything. RRP is £339.00 but it’s down to £223.49 for Black Friday. 
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Stoplock – combat car theft

Stoplock is one of the most familiar names in the car security sector. The Stoplock is built to resist power tools, so it's likely to deter all but the most determined thieves. It features a flashing LED for added visibility. Normally £34.86 it’s £28.03 this Black Friday. 
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Ring Spotlight for extra security

You can check on your car anytime of the day and night, tell would be thieves where to go or just admire your rims from the comfort of your sofa. RRP is £199 but it’s £139.00 for Black Friday. 
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