The best bike racks that are perfect for your car roof

Published: 25 October 2021 Updated: 01 November 2021

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More and more of us are enjoying the simple pleasures of a bike these days. Some use them for commuting in congested cities, while others love nothing more than strapping them to the top of their cars and driving somewhere more scenic for a pleasant bike ride.

Selecting the right bike rack can be a bit of a challenge so we’ve done all the research for you. We’ve found the best roof racks on the market so you can find the perfect one. And remember that most bike racks require a roof rack to work. Thankfully, we’ve made ahandy guide to roof racksyou can read to get clued up.

1. Thule FreeRide Twin Pack 532 Bicycle Carrier

Price: £134.95 |VIEW OFFER

Thule has a reputation for making excellent bike racks and this twin set is an ideal choice for most bikes. Offering good adjustability for different bike sizes and quality construction, these bike racks fold up for a streamlined look when not in use.
Great quality
Adjustable for different sizes
You may need a roof rack adapter

2. Yakima HighRoad Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier


A very adjustable bike rack, this option from Yakima is a great option if you own a collection of different sized bikes. The rack adjusts simply and the wheel support has clearly marked size guides to help you secure your bike quickly and securely.
Very adjustable for different bike sizes
Easy to use
Requires a roof rack

3. ROCKBROS Suction Bike Rack Car Roof Top Bike Rack

Price: £195.99 |VIEW OFFER

Suction cups as a roof rack? It may sound a bit dodgy but it’s actually a great solution if you don’t have a roof rack but still want to mount a bike rack on your car’s roof. There are different versions available, the largest able to hold three bikes at once. And the suction pads are more than strong enough for most bikes.
No need for a roof rack
Multi-bike support
You need to clean your roof everytime you want to attach this bike rack

4. Halfords Roof Mount Bike Rack

Price: £30.00 |VIEW OFFER

If you’re on a tight budget, this model from Halfords is a safe bet. The Halfords brand name should reassure you that this model is of good quality, even if it doesn’t offer the features that the others do.
Good value
Good quality
Not the most stylish
Only supports up to 15kg

5. Thule ProRide 598 Roof Mounted Bike Rack

Price: £132.50 |VIEW OFFER

Another clever option from Thule, the ProRide 598 will automatically position your bike when you load it up and is tool-free, making it easy to use and adjust. It even comes with a five-year warranty if you register the product online.
Very easy to install and use
Great quality
You may need to buy adaptors to fit your car’s roof rack

The best bike rack accessories

1. RIO Direct Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Price: £8.99 |VIEW OFFER

Ratchet straps are the go-to accessory for securing loads and this twin-pack from RIO Direct is a simple addition you can buy for total peace of mind. Each strap is designed to safely carry up to 90kg, making it ideal for bicycles.

2. Thule Carbon Frame Protector

Price: £21.00 |VIEW OFFER

Own a fancy carbon fibre bike? Keep the expensive finish immaculate in transport with this protector from Thule. The flexible design allows it to work with different sized frames and different bike racks.

3. Saris Rack Hatch Huggers Black

Price: £17.99 |VIEW OFFER

Designed for use where traditional ratchet straps simply don’t work, this hatch hugger will hold your bike securely. Especially useful for cars with pillarless doors, these straps won’t damage your glass but will keep your bikes strapped in.

4. Amazon Basics Bungee Strap

Amazon basic bungee

Price: £7.59 |VIEW OFFER

Another invaluable thing to have with you if you’re carrying anything is a set of quality bungee cords. This pack from AmazonBasics comes with six 40cm bungee straps and can be used to help further secure a bike to your bike rack.

What you need to know about bike racks:

Will it support my bike?

Bike racks will generally support a range of bike sizes and shapes but be warned, for some bikes, you’ll have to buy adapters. If you own a fat bike, for example, you’ll need to buy a set of adapters for the exceptionally thick tyres. The same will be the case if you’re incredibly tall and need a specialised bike frame. The best thing to do is to check with the manufacturer before buying.

What features should I look for?

The most obvious deciding factor in choosing a bike rack is whether you have a roof rack. If you do, you’ll have an impressive selection of bike racks to choose from and a range of adapters to ensure that it works with your roof rack. If you own a car where a roof rack isn’t a possibility or you don’t want one, then you’ll be looking for a suction-cup bike rack which limits your selection.

Bike racks that don’t require you to remove the front wheel of your bike will be a blessed relief after a long bike ride. Also, remember that your front wheel still needs to be stored somewhere and can take up valuable storage space in your car.

What else should I consider?

Remember to check your car’s overall height with the bike rack attached. Not only is this a good way of ensuring you’ve attached everything properly, but it’ll avoid an embarrassing incident if you pop through a low drive-through on your way home.

Also, consider investing in some additional security if you’re planning on leaving your car unattended with your bike on top. Many bike racks come with some security but additional options are available too.

By Ryan Gilmore

Deputy commercial content editor looking after product testing for CAR and Parkers, veteran car detailer and double bucket enthusiast