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Aston Martin Cygnet concept (2009) first official photos

Published: 16 December 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

Aston Martin has finally released detailed pictures of its premium supermini, the Cygnet. Based on the Toyota iQ, and sharing the majority of its mechanicals and interior architecture with the Japanese city car, the Cygnet is a major deviation from Aston Martin’s bread and butter luxury supercars.

Does the Cygnet actually look like an Aston Martin?

Sort of. It may be pint-sized but, as we saw in the original image, the Cygnet’s face is characterised by Aston Martin’s trademark grille, while atop the bonnet are vents akin to those on the massively more powerful V12 Vantage. Other distinct Aston Martin details are the pop-put door handles, chrome-garnished side vents and C-shaped rear lights. If only the style of a DB9 wasn’t being squashed onto a tiny Toyota

Naturally, the prestige image carries over to the Cygnet’s black and red leather-clad interior, which is based on the iQ’s but with the quality and style that you would expect of Aston. But we wonder if it’ll still have that aura when you’re struggling up a motorway incline with the 1.3-litre engine thrashing away.

I want an Aston Martin Cygnet. When can I buy one and how much will it cost?

Aston Martin says that work on the Cygnet is ongoing but expects to put the car into production before the end of 2010. And of course, while it is essentially an iQ under the skin, a hefty premium is only to be expected; expect to shell out upwards of £20,000 to cruise the city streets in consummate style.

But should Aston really be rebadging a Toyota iQ? It might look a little like an Aston, and we know that Gaydon has received hundreds of order requests, but is this a step too far? Some Aston owners will want one, but others will be disgusted by the prospect.

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