Aston unveils new Vantage racer

Published: 17 November 2008

Aston Martin’s Vantage N24 has given way to this new GT4 – a race-spec Vantage aimed at pro racers and track day enthusiasts alike.

The arrival of the GT4 leaves Aston in the unique position of being the only manufacturer producing cars in each GT class. The new car has been six months in development, with Aston hopeful that it will build on the success of the N24, winner of this year’s Nurburgring 24 Hours.

The GT4 fits the bill for a track car perfectly – with hardcore mods including a roll cage, removable steering wheel, six-point harness and fire extinguisher.

What’s new on the Aston Vantage GT4?

The GT4 uses the new enlarged 4.7-litre Aston V8 (up from the N24’s 4.3 lump). The suspension has also been retuned, and the GT4 gains extra stopping power from larger front discs.

Is the GT4 related to my roadgoing Vantage?

Sort of. The GT4 is 300kg lighter than the standard Vantage, benefiting from a stripped-out interior, with Alcantara replacing the plastic facia. The GT4 also gets racing brakes, and cast magnesium alloys to keep the mass low.

Aston has beefed up the GT4’s suspension with adjustable dampers and new springs, while track agility is abetted by stronger front and rear anti roll bars and a modified front subframe.

A remapped ECU, air filter system and free flow exhaust help the GT4 to breathe more easily. Buyers are offered a choice of either manual or Sportshift paddle transmissions, both using a twin-plate racing clutch.

Like its predecessor, the GT4 carries over the road car’s traction control, brakeforce distribution and DSC systems to help keep it on the track.

How much will a Vantage GT4 set me back?

£96,645 buys you an off the shelf racer which complies with the FIA GT4 regs. Deliveries start in January 2009.