Aston Martin DBX SUV: fresh pictures of luxury crossover

Published: 12 June 2019

► The first-ever Aston Martin SUV
► DBX goes winter testing, full reveal Q4 2019
► To be built in new St Athan, Wales factory

Aston Martin has given an update on its new manufacturing plant in St Athan, Wales – and it’s also revealed fresh pictures of its DBX crossover at the same time. According to a statement released today, the British manufacturer’s second plant has started to produce cars, and will likely create 750 jobs in total.

The plant will act as the main manufacturing site for the brand’s electrified Lagonda brand, but it’ll also be responsible for the new DBX, too. According to Aston Martin the luxury is still being tested in the Welsh countryside, but has already undergone testing in everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the ‘Ring.

Real world testing of the DBX, which began appropriately in the Welsh countryside last year, continues apace. The luxury SUV will be equally at home in an urban environment as it is off-road in less welcoming terrain. Over the last few months the DBX has been put through its paces in all environments from the Arctic Circle to the unique challenges of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The pictures don’t reveal a great deal more about the DBX, but a distant shot of the rear shows a less-camouflaged, Vantage style light arrangement – which is pretty much what we were expecting.


Aston Martin DBX: everything you need to know

This is the new Aston Martin DBX, the brand’s first SUV, and another step towards its transformation as a stable, profitable, luxury brand. The company has issued this new video above of the sporty crossover winter-testing in Sweden, as they hone its chassis and systems to work at -30C. The film and pictures were taken at Pirelli’s R&D Sottozero Centre at the Flurheden Proving Ground. 

Aston Martin chief engineer Matt Becker said: ‘The Aston Martin DBX needs to be ready for a wide range of multi-terrain surfaces, so in addition to testing the car in normal day-to-day situations, we need to test it in extreme conditions such as these. Testing these prototypes in cold climate conditions helps us to assess the car’s early dynamics and crucially ensure confidence inspiring sure-footedness on low grip surfaces.’


It's a busy time at Aston Martin - witness the three cars it showed at the Geneva motor show in March 2019 – so it's no surprise the company is expanding its manufacturing footprint in the UK. The DBX will be built in the brand’s new St Athan Lagonda plant in Wales, where the company will eventually make EVs, too.

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Aston Martin DBX winter testing

‘DBX is so much more than "just" an SUV; it will be the first model built at our brand-new facility in St Athan,’ said company CEO Andy Palmer. ‘As such, it is very much the start of a bold new era in the company’s long history.’

Aston Martin DBX: what does it look like?

Although the new pictures show a heavily camo’d version of the new SUV, you can still tell it’s an Aston Martin, with that gaping signature grille and lights which appear to be directly lifted off the V8 Vantage.

That’s all subject to change of course, and we expect the rear is far from final too – unless Aston Martin’s design team has moved towards small, circular lights nabbed from a Routemaster bus, that is.

Nevertheless, the broad strokes of the new car are clear to see, and it looks a little more compact than its inevitable Urus and Cayenne-shaped competition. The DBX does have four doors though, so practicality is still an important factor for Gaydon.

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The Aston Martin DBX has been spotted testing at Nurburgring – along with seemingly every other car on the road at the moment, regardless of segment. Anyway, in addition to pictures of the new SUV in action, our man with the long lens has also managed to snap some images of the new car’s interior. 

The DBX is a while away from production, so the cabin is by no means finished, but we can make out the rough design strokes of the new crossover’s interior. So far, it looks to be a mish-mash of previous-gen Mercedes A-class switchgear and infotainment combined with some weird-looking vents – so just like the new Vantage, then.


Pictures from the cabin also show haphazard controls, a laptop, and a makeshift button for a horn. While we’re well aware this isn’t a finished interior by any means, it’s still fascinating to see the processes billion-pound projects like these must go through.

We'll update this page as we learn more about the new DBX SUV

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast