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Audi RS6 Avant Nogaro: fast-estate gets thrilling ABT-tweaked finale

Published: 05 February 2018 Updated: 05 February 2018

► Limited run of 150
► Germany only, sadly
► Up to a staggering 695bhp!

The RS6 Avant is already one of the quickest estates on the road, but a new model announced by Audi promises to be even faster. Called the Nogaro edition, the new estate is essentially a farewell to the current version of the RS6 Avant, and certainly helps it goes out with a bang. The only catch? Well there are two sadly: only 150 are being made, and none of them are leaving Germany.

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Why the Nogaro edition?

Audi is calling the new RS6 Avant the Nogaro edition in homage to the unique shade of Nogaro Blue first shown on the seminal Audi RS2 estate. Bold and unusual, it’s become the iconic colour for Audi’s fast estates, and it looks great on the RS6 Avant – especially when matched with 21-inch rims.

Audi says the new RS6 Avant will come in two forms, with the first Performance spec model pumping out 597bhp from its twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8. However, if that’s not enough, Audi will hand your new RS6 Avant Nogaro over to the folks at ABT – the same people that made the RS5-R – and they’ll be able to boost its power to 695bhp, along with 649lb ft of torque. Top speed is quoted at 320 km/h (199mph) for the ABT-powered edition, too.

The RS6 Avant Nogaro uses an eight-speed Tiptronic to channel all that power to the wheels, while Quattro permanent four-wheel drive means it should be relatively useable too.

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The handling of the new RS6 Avant hasn’t been ignored, either. The Nogaro features adaptive air suspension as standard, but Audi will fit Dynamic Ride Control as an option, too. Elsewhere, carbonfibre ceramic brakes mean it’ll stop as quick as it can take off, its makers claim. 

On the inside, the RS6 Avant Nogaro edition features a very similar interior to the stock model, with the only difference the addition of some Nogaro blue suede (just like that RS2), and the usual lashings of carbonfibre you see in these special edition models.

The RS6 Avant Nogaro will start at £109,000 for the Nogaro Edition Black, and will rise to £115,000 for the actual Nogaro Blue version of the estate. If you could buy it in the UK, that is…

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By Curtis Moldrich

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