Don't try and out-run this: BAC Mono police car unveiled

Published: 26 May 2017

► BAC Mono police car unveiled
► Used by Isle of Man police
► The wildest patrol car yet? 

The Isle of Man constabulary has taken on perhaps the wildest patrol vehicle yet seen in the UK: a BAC Mono police car.

It's the first time a Mono has been given the blues-and-twos livery for police duties.

It's a common stunt by low-volume manufacturers to gain some attention: check out similar police cars by Ariel and Porsche.

Specs, performance figures: why you won't out-drag this BAC Mono police car

We'd recommend you pull over if you see the Mono in your rear-view mirror. The latest edition weighs just 580kg and has a 305bhp four-cylinder Mountune engine slung amidships.

BAC Mono police car

Performance is predictably rapid: 0-60mph takes a scant 2.8sec. 

BAC: a quickie history

Briggs Automotive Company, or BAC for short, was founded in 2011 by brothers Ian and Neill Briggs.

Based in Liverpool, the niche manufacturer has a close relationship with the Isle of Man, which is a short hop on ferry from Merseyside. It uses the island's famous Mountain section for development and has hosted customer events there.

The Mono should be a great tool to keep up with the thousands of bikers who make the pilgrimage every year. Tellingly, there are no speed limits on the island outside the built-up areas...

BAC Mono police car photos and specs

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet