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Bentley EXP 9 F (2012) new pictures

Published: 06 July 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

Bentley has today released a new series of pictures of the EXP 9 F concept car, designed to reflect the car’s all-terrain ability and ‘Bentley’s intent to build the fastest and most luxurious SUV in the world.’

With a 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine good for 592bhp and 590lb ft, you’d expect the Bentley 4×4 to be no slouch. But the big question remains: is the EXP 9 F’s styling growing on the naysayers?

Bentley SUV: on or off-road?

The new pictures show the EXP 9 F thundering down a dust track, although strangely right next to a metalled road. Bentley is adamant that its SUV, expected some time around 2015, will have genuine off-road ability, despite the concept’s road-roller-spec 23in wheels.

The styling conundrum

Will Bentley change the design of the SUV before it hits showrooms? Some reports claimed that Bentley top brass had already demanded changes after a frosty reaction to the EXP 9 F when it was first revealed to journalists at the Geneva motor show in March 2012.

That said, don’t forget the EXP 9 F is as much aimed at the lucrative Chinese and Russian markets, as much as European sensibilities.

As we can see from these new pictures, the Bentley concept hasn’t had a nip or tuck yet. Looks like we’ll have a little longer to wait to see if the car changes for production.

>> What do you think? Has time been kind to the Bentley EXP 9 F, or is it still in need of a major rehash? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below…

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish