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Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake by Brabus (2012)

Published: 09 October 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

Mercedes tuning specialist Brabus has unveiled a raft of packages for the new CLS Shooting Brake. A range of tune-ups, body addenda, alloy wheel designs and sports exhaust packages are to be offered, but the real headline act is the 611bhp option for the flagship CLS63 AMG variant.

It’s not just a mad-cap power struggle though; Brabus offers a three-year/62,000-mile warranty on all its power upgrades, so bear that in mind if the other half isn’t convinced your new family estate needs McLaren 12C-chasing poke.

Go on then, just how powerful is the Brabus CLS Shooting Brake?

That depends which you opt for. Mercedes is only bringing one petrol-powered Shooting Brake to the UK: the V8 bi-turbo AMG range-topper. Brabus uses a new intercooler and ECU to lift power from 549bhp to 611bhp, and torque from 590lb ft to 737lb ft, which works out in new money as a nice, round 1000Nm.

All that twist is still applied to the road by the rear wheels alone, which can be specced up to 20 inches in diameter. The headline Top Trumps stats read like this: 0-62mph in a Boxster-embarrassing 4.2sec, and a full 200mph flat-out.

However, Brabus has also breathed on the two diesel-powered Shooting Brakes Mercedes is offering in the UK: the CLS250 CDI and CLS350 CDI. The smaller four-cylinder 250 is up 31bhp to 232bhp, while torque jumps 78lb ft to 446lb ft. Opt for the six-pot 350 CDI and you get a rather trick-two stage system depending on which driving mode you’re in.

Stay in ‘Eco’ mode, and power output remains at 261bhp, with only torque boosted (from 457lb ft to 590lb ft). Switch to ‘Sport’ and power also makes the jump, up to 308bhp from 261bhp. That means 0-62mph in 5.9sec and a top speed pegged back at 155mph.

Talk me through what else Brabus has applied to the CLS Shooting Brake

Aside from those massive wheels, and the bodykit you can specify in plastic or lacquered carbonfibre, there’s also a 35mm ride height drop, and a sports exhausts that you can set to ‘Coming Home’ mode to avoid annoying the neighbours with a V8 blare. Brabus also fits a limited-slip diff for tail-out antics when the family aren’t on board.

Inside, the CLS cabin gets treated to Brabus-branded leather, lashings of carbonfibre inlay, and you can even have an integrated iPad inside. Aluminium pedals, gearbox shift paddles and a choice of 211mph or 250mph speedos complete the tweaks.

Prices haven’t been announced, but we have a feeling that the Brabus Shooting Brake will sit under the heading market ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.’

>> Has Brabus come up with the ultimate family car, or is the 611bhp Shooting Brake too vulgar for your dream garage? Tell us in the comments below



By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish