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Seven 485 Final Edition signals end of the line for Europe’s fastest Caterham

Published: 09 May 2024 Updated: 09 May 2024

► Seven 485 FE marks EU demise
► 225bhp, 560kg, 4.1sec 0-62
► Available in standard and CSR

The Caterham Seven 485 is the fastest model the firm has ever offered in Europe – and if you’re on the Continent you’re now running out of time to buy one. The arrival of a limited Final Edition for both the standard 485 and the 485 CSR marks the end of the road for this 8500rpm Duratec-powered howler.

Just 85 examples will be built, split between 60 regular 485 FE and 35 485 CSR FE.

Exactly how fast is the Caterham Seven 485?

The 2.0-litre non-turbo Ford motor under that classic bonnet produces 225bhp and 151lb ft – which is certainly enough to wake you up in the morning given it’s installed in a device that weighs as little as 560kg, is rather short on modern safety features and a similar shape to a coffin.

For what it’s worth – and it’ll feel faster, anyway – the official 0-62mph time is 4.1 seconds. Top speed is 139mph.

What does the Final Edition give you?

Sports Hex Black interior with leather and Alcantara, Final Edition embroidery, carbon dashboard and full carpeting. Plus satin black Final Edition stripes, black badges and a numbered plaque.

Caterham Seven 485 Final Edition, front, green

Buyers can choose from five standard colours, or go custom.

The regular 485 is available in standard and large chassis configurations, while the CSR upgrade – which already features in-board front suspension and a host of other improvements – comes in large only. It also weighs a little more at 605kg but makes up for that with improved rigidity and other performance enhancements.

How much does the Caterham Seven 485 Final Edition cost?

Prices start at 67,495 Euros – before VAT and local taxes. Not cheap, but you’ll be getting one of the most visceral driving experiences around, while it’s still available. And as such, a piece of Caterham history.

What does Caterham do next in Europe?

‘It’s been an incredible decade for the 485,’ says Caterham European territory manager, Olivier Jouanne, ‘which was an incredibly popular product in Europe, in particular, our DACH markets. For now, we are looking ahead to the additional production and engineering capacity, that will give us the space to focus on expanding our European product offering.’

That’s not a specific mention of electric power, but the Caterham EV Seven concept has shown the company is at least doing some exploration in that direction. Other petrol engines will continue to be available to European customers.

By CJ Hubbard

Head of the Bauer Digital Automotive Hub and former Associate Editor of CAR. Road tester, organiser, reporter and professional enthusiast, putting the driver first