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VR Chevrolet Camaro (2010): the UK’s Camaro

Published: 31 October 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

When GM uncloaked their Camaro retro remake at the 2006 Detroit auto show, the domestic audience understandably adored it. That muscle car concept is now a showroom reality, but any plans of bringing a right-hook version to South African, Aussie or Brit shores have been quashed – presumably due to low-volume sales and GM’s moth-eaten wallet.

Much like a Mustang or Challenger, if you live in Britain and want a Camaro, you have to settle for a specially imported left-hooker. Come January 2010, when these rendered images of the VR Camaro will be a reality, UK customers won’t have to worry about doing any of the importation or UK-spec work. This is a turn-key ready American car, refined and focused for European drivers.

With its Lamborghini Reventon-style swollen nostrils and early ’70s wind-tunnel Trans-Am inspired ducktail spoiler, the VR Camaro’s aggressive restyling has been carried out by Danish design consultancy Hermann and Brandt, who were responsible for penning the radical 1104-horsepower Zenvo ST1 supercar. All styling was designed with 3D computer software then machined directly from the 3D data.

So what’s new on this VR Camaro?

In the name of dieting, the VR’s re-sculpted bumpers, skirts and spoiler are made from carbonfibre. The bespoke one-piece, 22-inch diameter wheels are machined from billet aluminium and weigh half the bulk of the original Camaro rims. The conversion has been done by a separate, so-far anonymous British tuning company.

Behind the machined alloys lurk some European road-friendly damping and stopping gear. The VR Camaro boasts coil-over suspension recalibrated for our pitted tarmac, plus mighty 410mm (front) and 385mm (rear) diameter brake discs. The 12-pot front (eight-piston rear) calipers incorporate various sized pistons to address the ‘abrupt stop’ syndrome often associated with large competition brake set-ups.

How quick is the VR Camaro?

It’ll need serious anchors, because the VR Camaro promises to pack a Corvette ZR1 sized punch. No exact power figures have been quoted yet, but by fitting the 6.2-litre V8 with a new UK designed (and manufactured) compressor style supercharger, expect over 600bhp.

The strictly limited edition VR Camaro will only be available in black or white, highlighted with copper accents. Customers will also choose between the factory six-speed manual ‘box (livened up with a short-shift kit) or an auto transmission specifically brainwashed for performance.

How much will the VR Camaro cost?

No firm prices have been released for the VR Camaro yet, but a spokesman claims it will wear a UK price tag roughly half that of the £106,605 ZR1 Corvette. Not bad, considering the horsepower match.

If you already own a standard Camaro, there will be the opportunity to purchase the VR spec components separately. For more information bookmark www.vrcamaro.com.