Czinger 21C: new 3D-printed hypercar revealed

Published: 12 February 2020

 Called the 21C
 3D-printed parts
 Big reveal at Geneva

Here’s your first look at the 21C, a brand-new hypercar from Czinger, an all-new outfit from California. We only have a teaser to go on right now, but it looks to feature some extreme ideas – including a 1+1 fighter-jet style cockpit.  


We’re not sure how its pronounced – though the smart money’s on Zinger with a very subtle C – but we do know it’s from a new company established just last year. The 21C is actually a more refined version of the Divergent Blade – a very similar concept car revealed by company owner Kevin Czinger in 2017. 

And before you dismiss this immediately as total vapourware, it’s worth knowing that the team behind the 21C includes a few former-Koenigsegg employees. So it could actually exist.

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What to expect

The teasers images actually show a good amount of the car, and as you can expect it’s a full house in hypercar bingo; A massive rear diffuser, jutting rear spoiler and front splitter all feature on a swooping form. The full-width rear lights follow the sci-fi styling we’re seeing on supercars such as the new Porsche 911 and the McLaren GT.  

The 21C will use a 3D-printed components – so there should be some very exotic surfacing around the supercar. And as shown from the pictures above, we’re expecting to see some interesting lightweight, organic-looking structures, too. 

A 1+1 cockpit is also teased, presumably because the McLaren F1's three-seat layout just wasn't focused enough. 

As for the powertrain? There’s very little to go on, but we’re expecting a hybrid powertrain of some sort.  

We’ll update this article when we know more.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast