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Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept: muscle cars go electric

Published: 18 August 2022 Updated: 18 August 2022

► A Charger but not as you know it
► Uses 800v Banshee powertrain
► A look at the future of muscle cars

Pounding V8s are being throttled by tighter emission regulations and EV laws, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have to say goodbye to the muscle car altogether. Enter the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept, a sneak-peek at what the muscle car could look like in an all-electric future. 

It looks great

Dodge has stuck close to the lines you’d expect from a Charger, though like other brands, it’s rethought many ICE-related features. Take the grille for example; rather than mesh that leads to an engine, the new concept uses an aerodynamic wing to create front-end downforce, while retaining the classic Charger look. Dodge is calling it an R-Wing. 

Elsewhere, widened haunches and a long-bonnet retain the look of a classic Dodge, and they’re helped by a vertical exterior grille which harks back to the ’68 car. Keen-eyed viewers will also notice the illuminated Fratzog badge, a symbol originally featured on Dodge cars from ’62 through to ’76. Dodge is very keen to use the past to reshape its future. It’ll run on 21-inch rims. 

Inside the Dodge continues the mixture of old and new, with pistol grip gear shifter. The concept debuts an ‘eRupt transmission’, which apparently gives the feel of distinctive shifts. Why you’d need this on an EV remains to be seen – nostalgia perhaps?

In addition to paddles and a ‘PowerShot’ boost button, the steering wheel allows drivers to select between Auto, Sport, Track and Drag modes – and it’s also possible to change the dynamics, HUD, sound and interior lighting from the infotainment screen.

It sounds great? 

Apparently. The Charger will run an 800v ‘Banshee’ all-electric powertrain, and a reported 126dB output means it should live up to its name. Some of the sound is pumped into the cabin, but the rest is thrown out using the first-ever BEV exhaust. Called the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust it’s supposed to channel sound through an amplifier and tuning chamber, ultimately producing a ‘Dark Matter’ sound experience. We’ll believe it when we hear it… 

Marketing buzzwords aside, the Charger Daytona SRT Concept is a handsome look at the future of muscle cars. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes