Ferrari police car lands in UK

Published: 26 April 2007

A Ferrari police car? That's just ridiculous!

Yep, it sure is. Don't rub your eyes or pinch yourself, that really is a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in police livery. A somewhat scarier view in your rear-view mirror than a Vauxhall Vectra, we think you'll agree. Thankfully, 540bhp supercars are far from the future for the British Police - this is strictly a one-off to accompany the Ferrari 60th anniversary tour during its UK leg. The 612 panda car will be driven by volunteers from five British police forces during the 1500-mile leg around the UK, which began in Belfast yesterday.

What's the tour all about, then?

Ferrari being the extravagant brand that it is has organised a multitude of celebrations to commemorate its 60-year history. The tour has been going strong since 29 January when it started in Abu Dhabi, and has already visited Asia, the US and mainland Europe. Other celebrations include racing days hosted by the manufacturer and a series of limited edition 612 Scagliettis (above) to commemorate various landmarks in the brand's history.

So what's the deal with the Ferrari panda car?

The £200,411 612 Scaglietti is to escort all the Ferraris on the UK part of the world tour in an attempt to promote safe and responsible driving as Ferraris of all ages and their owners hammer around the country and meet up at dealerships, racetracks and posh hotels. It's a hard life.