Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M CAR teaser video

Published: 16 June 2009

London motor show video

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the stars of CAR’s August 2009 issue – the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M. Turn your speakers up, because we’ve captured the 503bhp V8 at full chat, and the soundtrack is sensational.
The 16M is just one of four supercars gracing the August 2009 issue. Combined, they pack 44 cylinders mustering 2641bhp in peak power. Enjoy the video – and come back tomorrow for all the details of the new issue of CAR, and more footage of the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M.

>> Scroll down the page to our video player below to see our Ferrari teaser video


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By Phil McNamara

Editor-in-chief of CAR magazine