Ferrari’s breadvan! Neils van Roij Design unveils 550-based homage

Published: 28 January 2021

► Inspired by 250 GTO SWB Breadvan
► Hommage based on 550 Maranello
► A one-off for a wealthy client

Niels van Roij Design has unveiled its ‘Breadvan Hommage’, a modern-day interpretation of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan. Like most projects made by the London-based design house, it is built to specification by a client and only a single version will be produced.

Using a Ferrari 550 Maranello as its base, the Breadvan Hommage carries over the standard 5.5-litre V12 and six-speed manual gearbox. The only mechanical change made to the Breadvan Hommage is the addition of adjustable Koni shock absorbers – the same brand that made the shocks for the original 1962 racer.

Ferrari Breadvan rear cornering

Visually however, the Breadvan is almost entirely bespoke, only the 550’s windscreen is carried over unchanged. The body is restructured in hand-beaten aluminium and now features a Kammback, an aerodynamic design to help reduce drag that made up the shape of the original. The coachbuilt exterior also features more subtle references to the original racer, namely the translucent dome and deep intakes on the bonnet and circular rear lights.

The interior has also been totally reimagined and is entirely handmade. The gated shifter has been raised and, like the rest of the bespoke switchgear, is made from milled aluminium. Elsewhere, hand-beaten aluminium accents on the door cards link to the construction of the body. Blue Alcantara seats and black leather quilted panels area also included.

Ferrari Breadvan interior

Previous projects from Niels van Roij Design include a Tesla Model S Shooting brake and a two-door Range Rover named Adventum. No price has been revealed for the Breadvan Hommage but it’d undoubtedly make your eyes water.

By Ryan Gilmore

Automotive content writer and classic car bore - is that any good?