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Fisker Alaska electric pickup truck: on sale in 2025 priced from £47,900

Published: 04 September 2023 Updated: 14 September 2023

► Fisker Alaska all-electric pickup revealed
► Said to be ‘most sustainable’ pickup truck
► Extendable loading bay to boost practicality

The Fisker Alaska is one of several new vehicles that the US manufacturer has shown, and this one is somewhat of a rarity – it’s an electric pickup truck. Even so, UK pricing has just been confirmed at £47,900 (including VAT).

Fisker is making some big claims about this truck, and not all in the usual areas concerning battery range and the like. It reckons this will be the ‘most sustainable’ pickup truck ever made, saying it will be the lightest in the world.

More interestingly, it is not as big as your average American truck, which means it will fit in slightly better than those big beasts when it makes its way over here in 2025.

However, there are some elements that could make it more practical than the kind of trucks we get over here. We say this as Fisker makes a point of highlighting what it calls the ‘Houdini rear door’ that expands the rear loading bay from 1,372mm to 2,794mm.

The Fisker Alaska promises an extending loading bay.

This is all thanks to a moveable panel behind the rear seats. This can be lowered into a vacant space below, essentially opening up the rear section of the cabin as additional storage room. It’s much like dropping the seats on your family hatchback, just with longer loads.

There are no details on the crucial figures for UK buyers – payload and towing weight. It sits on wheels that are between 20- and 22-inches large, which might not help on that front.

There are other practicality touches, too, such as the front boot, a large centre armrest with storage for a ‘flashlights and pens’ (although presumably you can put other things in there should you wish) a passenger tray with a tablet holder and a space for work gloves. There are some other elements that shout ‘USA!’ too, like the dedicated cowboy hat holder and the world’s largest cupholder, for those huge drinks you only get Stateside.

What about the electric element of the Fisker Alaska?

The Fisker Alaska offers the kind of figures that we have come to get used to with electric vehicles of late. There is set to be a choice between two battery packs, one with 75kWh and one 113kWh.

The Alaska is only as long as UK pickups.

This will provide ranges of 230 and 340 miles respectively. Depending on the version you go for, there is some serious pace on offer, too, with 0-62mph coming anything 7.2 seconds down to a frankly ridiculous 3.9 seconds. That’s a huge amount of speed for something designed to carry a load of garden trimmings in the rear.

Will we get the Fisker Alaska in the UK?

Fisker says yes, we will get the Alaska in the UK and in the same year as it launches in the US: 2025.

The fact that it is being described as a ‘mid-size’ truck is promising. At 5,283mm long, it is marginally shorter than the likes of the Ford Ranger, which suggests it should be able to fit better onto UK roads than most of the trucks traditionally favoured in America.

Nothing is confirmed concerning the Fisker Alaska and the UK.

Before it arrives, Fisker says that you will be able to pre-order one on the company’s website for a small deposit – much as was the case with the Tesla Cybertruck.

By Tom Webster

Vans editor across CAR and our sister brand