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EV and chill: new all-electric Fisker Pear SUV promises bed-like Lounge Mode and £31k starting price

Published: 04 September 2023 Updated: 14 September 2023

► Fisker Pear debuts in Europe
► Another all-electric SUV – but wait!
► Aggressive £30,900 entry-price sounds promising

The all-new Fisker Pear electric SUV has made its European debut in near-production form at the Fisker Lounge Munich, timed to coincide with the IAA Munich motor show. What’s more, we’ve now got official UK pricing – and it’s certainly going to be competitive.

The Fisker Pear is a battery-powered crossover approximately the size of a Nissan Qashqai with a near 200-mile WLTP range that is promising to cost from just £30,900 when it arrives over here in mid-2025. While that hasn’t quite crossed the Atlantic direct – in the USA it will cost from just $29,900, which is currently less than £24,000 – that’s still pretty attractive for the capability.

For reference, the Tesla Model Y currently starts at £44,990. And the interior of that doesn’t turn into a bed.

Fisker Pear electric SUV - front, blue, with person
Fisker Pear is about the size of a Nissan Qashqai

Given such aggressive pricing, maybe we should give Fisker’s sales forecasts the benefit of the doubt. The firm expects a minimum production volume of 250,000 cars per year once production is running at full speed. Kia’s Slovakian production plant currently churns out around 350,000 cars annually, if it helps put that into perspective.

What’s the with name?

It’s technically PEAR – for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.Don’t laugh, the Nissan Leaf started as an acronym, too.

The Revolution part relates to the price and Fisker’s sustainability ethos, we assume.

Fisker Pear driving range and performance variant announced

As well as its appearance in Munich, Fisker has released further details of the Pear, including new images and projected driving range information – including WLTP figures.

There will be two battery options, with the smaller ‘most sustainable’ version (Fisker’s words) promising 198 miles WLTP. The larger version bumps this significantly to 348 miles – though note that both figures are only ‘WTLP estimates’ at this stage.

Fisker Pear electric SUV - top rear view, blue

Even the most basic version is set to do 0-62mph in 6.8sec on 20-inch wheels with low rolling resistance tyres; 22-inch alloys with high-performance tyres will be offered as an option, presumably at some cost to the driving range.

Fisker has also confirmed a full performance version of the SUV, which will be called the Fisker Pear Extreme.

Does the Fisker Pear’s interior really turn into a bed?

In a manner of speaking, yes. The Pear has what Fisker calls a Lounge Mode where all the seats fold flat and the rear seat flips over into the boot creating a lengthy space for repose. Or similar.

The optional 17.1-inch central infotainment screen can also rotated from portrait to landscape, creating your own mobile cinema. Here’s hoping a set of blinds makes it to at least the accessories list.

Fisker Pear electric SUV - front interior, steering wheel

What’s more, the two front seats can be swapped for a three-seater bench, turning this relatively compact (4,550mm long) SUV into a six-seater for bigger families.

Families are very much the target demographic, in fact, with Fisker making a point of mentioning the minimalist interior has been designed with a few fragile moving parts as possible in an effort to make it very robust.

This, we suspect, is code for ‘feels rather cheap’ – especially given the use of sustainable materials throughout – so maybe the Model Y doesn’t need to panic just yet.

On the other hand, the Pear does have something called the ‘Houdini trunk’…

What’s the Houdini trunk?

The Pear’s bootlid and glass can disappear down behind the rear bumper beam, making access to the load area easier in tight spaces and eliminating damage from overhead fixtures in car parks.

Fisker Pear electric SUV - rear, blue, Houdini trunk

Fisker’s been thoughtful at the front as well, where the load space – or froot – under the bonnet will be offered with insulation as an option in order to keep food hot or cold.

How sustainable is it really?

Fisker’s aiming to be a leader in this area, saying the Pear’s cabin will mostly be made from recycled and bio-based materials for the benefit of the planet.

Going further, the Pear is also central to the company’s aim to create a carbon neutral vehicle by 2027.

Fisker Pear electric SUV - side, blue

Other intriguing features includes the proprietary Fisker Blade computing system, which is said to ‘fast, energy-efficient and cybersecure’ while delivering mobile connectivity akin to a ‘mini data centre’.

So when does the Fisker Pear go on sale, and will it come to Europe?

Fisker has adjusted on-sale predictions for the Pear slightly, saying it will now begin manufacturing and start arriving with customers in July 2025 – previously we were expecting it in the US and Europe in 2024.

It will follow the larger Fisker Ocean SUV, which is already on sale. The aggressive pricing ambitions showing Fisker’s desire to become truly competitive in the electric car market.

Fisker’s CEO, Henrik Fisker, said: ‘Pear will feature the very latest technology in a beautifully designed, affordable urban mobility device. It’s an exciting vehicle and an exciting time for the company as we expand our line-up.’

The car pictured here is said to be in ‘final production form’ except for the camera mirrors, which we’re please to hear are ‘still under review’.

Fisker and Foxconn: a new partnership

Fisker’s renewed boldness is thanks in part to its partnership with the Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn.

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, is the same entity that produces parts for the Apple iPhone and many other well-known products. It’s keen to expand its business in to the burgeoning electric car marketplace – hence the tie-up with Fisker, though it does have its own range of Foxconn electric cars as well.

The Californian carmaker has made clear that its Pear product has been in development for some time, but Foxxcon’s investment into Fisker’s new Ohio manufacturing facility will certainly help get it over the line.

By CJ Hubbard

Head of the Bauer Digital Automotive Hub and former Associate Editor of CAR. Road tester, organiser, reporter and professional enthusiast, putting the driver first