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Ford C-Max and Grand C-Max spruce up: the 2015 facelift

Published: 17 September 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Yesterday Ford unveiled the new S-Max people carrier; today it’s the turn of smaller brother, the C-Max and Grand C-Max midi—MPVs, freshly facelifted for 2015.

It’s a mid-life fillip for the C-Max family, due to get the same cosmetic and internal revisions as the Focus mid-sized hatchback range.

What’s new on the 2015 Ford C-Max?

Ford’s grafted on the new Aston Martin-ish grille to the front of the C-Max twins complete with LED day-running headlamps, giving the people carriers a less dowdy face. It’s very much in line with the latest Focus range and applies some sparkle to what was one of Ford’s less successful designs of recent years.

But it’s the gadgets and gizmos available on the 2015 C-Max which may appeal more to family motorists.

Buyers can now spec a foot-waggle tailgate opener, automatic perpendicular parking set-up and Active City Stop collision avoidance up to 31mph. Be in no doubt: even mainstream cars are gradually, slowly becoming more and more autonomous…

Ford’s latest Sync2 voice-activated connectivity system is available for the first time on the 2015 C-Max, letting customers sync their smartphones, access apps and control many of the car’s minor functions by spoken command. One spin-off is a tided-up, less button-heavy cabin. The clearer, 8in colour touchscreen is a welcome addition, too.

Inside the new Ford C-Max

A lot of attention has been lavished inside the C-Max. A good thing, since this is where family passengers will spend most of their time. Ford promises higher quality trim – a claim we’ll have to test at its Paris motor show debut – and niceties such as an optional, heated steering wheel and thicker glass to quieten the cabin.

The redesigned centre console can now carry a one-litre drinks bottle and a large cup at the same time, while Ford’s made the glovebox easier to use and MP3-players simpler to plug in. All good, solid, sensible stuff.

There’s also Ford’s MyKey technology, should your kids be old enough to learn to drive in the C-Max. This sneakily lets parents set a top speed and limit stereo volume in advance – keeping youngsters on the straight and narrow.

New engines for 2015 Ford C-Max and Grand C-Max

Ford’s new MPV range now comes with the 118bhp 1.5-litre TDCI diesel four-cylinder for the first time. It’s expected to become one of the most popular engines in the UK.

The entry-level petrol engine is the 1.0-litre Ecoboost, available in 99bhp and 123bhp forms. This downsized engine accounts for a quarter of all C-Max sales in Europe, according to Ford.

All Ecoboost engines and the 2.0 TDCI now come with stop-start as standard. Result? The largest 2.0-litre diesel now emits 20% less CO2 than before.

When can I buy a new C-Max?

UK sales of C-Max start in spring 2015.

The C-Max range is again available in five-seat C-Max and seven-seat Grand C-Max bodystyles (the latter with sliding doors). It’s been good business for Ford. It’s sold 1.2 million since launch in 2003 and the current, third-generation C has gobbled up 12% of its segment so far in 2014.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words