Ford Evos concept car (2011) news and pictures

Published: 31 August 2011

Ford launched its new Evos concept as no less than its new global design direction at a pre-Frankfurt show event in Berlin yesterday.

Pay attention to the new Evos - it sets a blueprint for life after the Kinetic design language that has shaped Fords for the past few years.

All its design big guns were in attendance to reinforce the Evos’s worldwide significance from overall design chief J Mays to his two regional executive design directors, Martin Smith and Moray Callum. Mays declared: 'The Evos gives a clear message about where Ford design is heading – shaping vehicles that are fun to drive, have a strong premium visual appeal and are stunningly beautiful.'

So how has Ford’s face changed with the new Evos concept car?

The big, inverted trapezoidal front grille already seen on the Fiesta and Focus has moved higher up the car and replaced the extra moustache-like slim grille above. The Blue Oval is smaller, less dome-like and now tucked on the bonnet. Much slimmer and more angular front lights complete the look and, Mays boldly said, will make the cut on future production cars with scant change. 

The side of the Evos looks pretty special too...

The fastback, four-door proportions of the Ford Evos feature two straight and taut side feature lines and a pumped-up rear wheelarch akin to the best-looking coupes but Mays reassured that these details along with the raked-back window graphic will be scalable up or down across Ford’s whole range – from sedans to crossovers.

Isn’t there more than a hint of Aston Martin about the design cues on the Evos though?

Head of the exterior team Stefan Lamm begs to differ. 

He told CAR: 'It’s a compliment to be compared to such premium brands but the inverted trapezoidal grille is definitely part of Ford’s DNA.'  

The quadruple gull-wing doors look great too but won’t make production. Remind me of the point of the Evos again?

Martin Smith told CAR that the Evos is 'a deliberately ambiguous format about the length of a Focus Estate with the track of a Mondeo,' and purely designed to show a new design direction.

A more pre-production concept set to debut at Detroit in January 2012 and heralding the next Mondeo/Fusion will reveal more.

By Guy Bird

Contributor, cultural curator, design commentator