Geely Vision Starburst: space-inspired design vision unveiled

Published: 09 June 2021

► Geely Vision Starburst will inspire styling on future Geely models
► Stellar-inspired styling cues present
► Vision Starburst not destined for production

Geely has taken one small step with the new Vision Starburst, a space inspired design vision that will form the basis of future Geely models. 

Part of the new ‘Expanding Cosmos’ design philosophy, Geely claim that the Vision Starburst is inspired by the stellar phenomenon that sees nebulas fusing together and eventually forming new stars. An apt metaphor for a firm that’s acquired several leading brands, and launched more from that technology.

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Central to this design language is the belief of unity between the exterior and interior, colour and materials and the car and the user.

2021 Geely Vision Starburst

That’s the concept – what’s the reality?

From the front the Vision Starburst differs from previous Geely efforts, with a sharpened parabolic-styled grille and a new light design supposedly representing the releasing of energy.

2021 Geely Vision Starburst

The detailing of Vision Starburst takes inspiration from stellar rays with the folding and crossing lines present to create a dramatic looking exterior.

The interior follows the same basis as the outside with a focus on light and unity. Inside features an array of ‘Cosmic ray’ light strips, similar to the lights found on the exterior. Four lines of light also illuminate to indicate the gear settings.

This unity is also extended to ambient lighting which features in both the interior and exterior, featuring on the wheel arches. These lights will represent different states of the Vision Starburst, with different colours present when charging, parking or on the move. The interior ambient lighting also offers different sounds depending on the state of the car.

2021 Geely Vision Starburst

When can you buy the Vision Starburst?

You can’t. Being a design vision, there’s technical information available – aside from the fact it can be charged indicating it’s a BEV. Geely has confirmed that the Vision Starburst will not enter production.

2021 Geely Vision Starburst

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