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Infiniti teases new 2014 concept car ahead of Paris motor show

Published: 20 August 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Infiniti has joined the annoying teaser campaign trail – with this first glimpse of a new car, thought to be bound for the Paris motor show 2014.

It has issued this solitary photograph of a new Infiniti grille that is believed to be attached to the front of a new Infiniti concept car.

This doesn’t tell us anything! Why is Infiniti trailing a grille?

Apart from some rather elegant detailing on the grille pattern – it reminds us of shifting sands on a beach viewed from overhead – we can indeed make out nothing whatsoever about the new Infiniti concept car.

It’s a trend we rue; manufacturers are nowadays desperate to eke out a longer build-up to their major announcements in the 24-hour rolling news agenda. Everyone from Jaguar to Lamborghini are at it, teasing and trailing their new wares with an agonising build-up.

Mind you, even by current corporate drip-feed standards, this Infiniti announcement takes the biscuit. Infiniti is refusing to say what the car is, though it could be another precursor to the Q30 small crossover due in 2015. That is the only future model confirmed by Nissan’s upmarket premium brand.

Read on to see the annoyingly cryptic message accompanying the photograph.

Infiniti concept car (2014): the announcement in full

‘Hong Kong – Style and substance that push any pre-conceived limits.

‘Soon, Infiniti will share a vision, its soul, on a scale not seen before from the company.

‘For now, this. For more −

‘À bientôt.


Stay tuned to CAR Online – we’ll bring you the full story on the Infiniti concept car the minute it’s unveiled.

And in other news… a long-wheelbase Q50L

In rather more concrete news, Infiniti today unveiled the new Q50L ready for a debut at the Chengdu motor show in China.

Stretched by 48mm in the wheelbase, it’s unashamedly aimed at the Chinese market, where rear legroom is paramount. This is the first Infiniti to be built in China. The brand’s sales have increased by 130% in the first half of 2014, rising to more than 14,000 vehicles.

Read our Infiniti Q50 review here.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words