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Chinese brand Jaecoo announces UK launch with J7 SUV

Published: 20 December 2023 Updated: 20 December 2023

► Jaecoo brand to launch in UK in 2024
► First car is the J7 plug-in hybrid SUV
► Brand is a Chery Group sibling brand to Omoda

Jaecoo, a brand from Chinese automotive group Chery, has officially confirmed it will launch in the UK. Its first new car will be the J7: a large SUV that will arrive on our shores in the summer of 2024.

The new off-road-focused car brand will naturally only sell SUVs in the markets it enters. Along with the UK, the Jaecoo brand has already confirmed it has entered the South African, Russian and Filipino car markets and will likely launch in others outside of China. The Jaecoo name is a portmanteau, derived from the German word ‘Jäger’ (meaning ‘hunter’) as well as the English word ‘cool.’ Jaecoo is a brand designed to tread the line between luxury and off-roading.

Given it’s part of the Chery Group, Jaecoo is closely tied with fellow fledgeling Chinese car brand Omoda, which will also launch in 2024 in the UK with the Omoda 5. Both car brands will use SUVs that area already on sale in China as Chery models. In fact, the Jaecoo J7 is badged as the Chery Tansuo 06 or Explore 06 in China.

Despite its bluff and squared-off design that implies a large size, the Jaecoo J7 shorter front/rear but wider than a Kia Sportage. Jaecoo is priding itself on the J7’s off-roading capabilities, promising an intelligent all-wheel drive system as well as sophisticated plug-in hybrid technology.

While performance specifications aren’t known yet, Jaecoo says the J7 features a 540º camera system (which means a more traditional 360º parking system, as well as software that allows you to ‘see through’ the car’s bonnet), as well as a head-up display and promises plenty of other luxuries.

The J7 will launch in the UK in the summer of 2024.

By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches