American taxi hits 100

Published: 04 April 2007

American taxi celebrates its 100th at the New York Motor Show

The US taxi celebrates its centenary at New York this week with a display of the ‘green’ yellow cabs of tomorrow. The rank gathered by The Design Trust for Public Space for its Taxi ’07 display include a lithium-battery powered taxi from Hybrid Technologies, and the world’s fastest taxi. This hydrogen-burning 1000hp Crown Victoria has a projected top speed of 200mph, for Wall Street traders who really can't hang around. Mayor R Bloomberg has designated 6-15 April Taxi Week to show support to the project, and the Empire State Building will be lit up yellow to commemorate the taxi’s anniversary.

Kia has two entries at taxi ’07 outside the Javits Center, both based on its new Rondo. This small crossover would have a smaller footprint than current cabs and would swill less gas. Two passengers could sit facing backwards facing the rear bench (like in a London cab) to make the most of the interior space. The more futuristic model of the two features a front seat that reaches out to the kerb and swivels to make access easier for the elderly or disabled. It also has a built-in child seat.