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Kia’s M5 rival: 2011 four-door sports saloon concept

Published: 19 August 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

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on the Kia GT concept car

This is Kia’s M5 rival. Sound crazy? You bet. But this is a 5-series sized concept in the mould of the Korean-market K7, complete with rear-wheel drive and a V8 powertrain.

Okay, perhaps it’s more akin to an Audi A7 or 5-series GT in its fastback bodystyle. One person in the office even mentioned the Aston Martin Rapide, until they woke up and slunk off with their tail between their legs.

There’s no name yet – this is a teaser at this stage – but we’ll see this Kia concept car at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show on 13 September 2011.

So Kia’s going M5-baiting?

Hardly. This is an ‘ideas concept’, not a thinly veiled production car. Insiders suggest it points to the next iteration of Kia’s design language, after styling chief Peter Schreyer’s first generation of change which took Kia’s mainstream cars from also-rans to genuine contenders.

‘No matter from which perspective you look at it – this concept car is roaring with energy and ready for take-off,’ said Schreyer, cheesily. ‘I believe the car is a strong statement from Kia: we are ready to fast forward to an all new chapter.’

That’s an allusion to the next round of new models coming. The Ceed, for instance, is remembered as the car that put Kia on the map in Europe. But the pace of change is such that the Ceed will itself be replaced in spring 2012.

The wheel has turned full circle.

What else will be on Kia’s stand at the Frankfurt motor show?

As well as the four-seater four-door, Kia will also show the three-door Kia Rio for the first time at Frankfurt alongside a facelifted Soul.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words