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2021's Kia Stinger update: UK price announced

Published: 06 January 2021 Updated: 06 January 2021

► Kia’s flagship performance model updated for 2020
► Slow-selling four-door retains engine, gains shouty new exhaust
► New infotainment systems and subtle exterior makeover

Kia has confirmed pricing of its facelifted Stinger. The flagship fastback sits at the top of the Kia tree in terms of its performance focus – further confirmed by the brand dropping the two lowlier powertrains from the model range and surging forward with only the car’s 3.3-litre petrol V6, yours for £42k.

Pricing and spec details dropped the same day Kia announced an all-new logo and slogan – click here to find out more.

That V6 enjoys a power bump of 3bhp thanks to a new exhaust. It’s set to sound rather more exciting than before, though – with bigger-bore tailpipes and a butterfly valve within the exhaust that can open and close for a subdued engine note in Eco or Comfort mode and (Kia promises) and ‘more prominent, deeper exhaust note in Sport’.

Kia Stinger long-term review

That should help give the Stinger GT-S even more of a Grand Tourer flavour, fitting its character well.

2020 Kia Stinger exhaust

Exterior changes are minimal. The Stinger’s LED headlights are now slimmer, with the rears extended to the full width of the tailgate.

What else has changed under the skin?

As mentioned, power enjoys a marginal boost of 3bhp, bringing it to a total of 368bhp. Peak torque of 376lb ft remains the same, spread across 1,300rpm to 4,500rpm.

The car’s eight-speed automatic gearbox looks to be unchanged. Performance stats are also unlikely to have shifted much, so expect the new Stinger to match its predecessors 4.7-second 0-62mph time and 168mph top speed.

We’re in two minds about the demise of the Stinger’s two formerly-available lower-powered engines. While the 2.0-litre petrol and 2.2-litre diesel weren’t particularly characterful engines, they offered a route into Stinger ownership that was slightly less ruinous than the pricey and thirsty 3.3-litre V6.

These Korean-spec images show an AWD model, never previously available in the UK. It’s doubtful it’ll be included in the model range this time around, either.

What’s new inside?

Kia’s gone mad with the interior upgrades of late, adding its latest connected infotainment systems to near enough every one of its models. The Stinger doesn’t escape, coming now with a standard 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

2020 Kia Stinger interior

That’s upgradeable to a flagship 10.25-inch system that pairs with Kia’s UVO app, giving connected telematics and some remote operation – certain markets will even be able to start their engines and pre-warm the cabin remotely.

There’s more screen action behind the wheel, where all models now receive a 4.2-inch colour display between the dials – upgradeable to a 7.0-inch fully digital panel.

Any interesting tech?

On the safety front, plenty. You’ll find the usual autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and blind-spot warning, but now the latter remains active when the car’s switched off and will warn you if you’re about to exit into oncoming traffic (or twat a passing cyclist upon opening the door).

The cruise control links to the navigation, and will drop the speed if you’re heading towards a bend, reverting back to the original speed when the road straightens back out. There’s also a camera feed on each door mirror – flick the indicator, and a high-res image of your blind spot will display in the instrument panel. Clever stuff.

There’s just one variant of the Stinger now, meaning the £32,925 price tag of a 2.0-litre petrol will be left in the dust. The new 2021 Stinger GT-S is available from £42,595.

What’s this about a new logo?

As mentioned at the start, on the same day Kia gave us UK prices and specs of the facelifted Stinger, it also announced a new logo and slogan. Gone are both the oval roundel and blocky, separated letters, with a cleaner, connected font. Kia is aiming to modernise not only itself as a car company, but its car design direction and powertrain development alongside this much more contemporary logo. Since its cars also aren’t that surprising anymore, as the brand has found significant and competitive footing the world over, ‘The Power to Surprise’ slogan has been dropped, too.

Kia 2021 logo

‘The automotive industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, and Kia is proactively shaping and adapting to these changes,’ said boss Ho Sung Song. ‘Our new logo represents our desire to inspire customers as their mobility needs evolve, and for our employees to rise to the challenges we face in a fast-changing industry.’

By Tom Wiltshire

Bauer Automotive staff writer; enjoys Peugeots, naturally-aspirated diesels, column shifts and steel wheels