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Mazda Kazamai concept: first pictures

Published: 15 July 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

Mazda will use the August 2008 Moscow motor show to unveil its new crossover concept, the Kazamai. Japanese for ‘swirling crosswinds’, the Kazamai is Mazda’s latest concept car to showcase the company’s Nagare design language.

But alongside the wind-inspired looks, the four-wheel drive Kazamai is also said to showcase Mazda’s ‘sustainable zoom-zoom’ strategy, with the company’s latest-generation engine and transmission.

Swirling crosswinds? Sounds more like hot air to me.

Agreed. Mazda have so far produced the Nagare, Furai, Taiki, Hakaze and Ryuga concept cars, all inspired by the new design language. But we won’t see a production car inspired by the Nagare design language until spring 2009 when the new 3 makes its debut.

On the Kazamai, the Nagare design touches are the flowing lines, especially the crosswind inspired lines on the doors. Look out also for the Mazda’s five-point grille, massively flared front wheel arches and a low coupe-style roof to emphasise the Kazamai’s sportiness.

What else?

Mazda has yet to release details about the eco credentials of the Kazamai, although we do know the concept is apparently very aerodynamic and will feature a next-generation naturally aspirated direction-injection engine. There’s also a new transmission.

We’ll see the Kazamai debut at the Moscow motor show on 26 August 2008, but while the Mazda press release claims the ‘Kazamai gives a good indication of where Mazda is going with a possible future compact crossover’, a source at Mazda UK confirmed to CAR that there are no firm plans yet.

By Ben Pulman

Ex-CAR editor-at-large