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Mazda MX-5 Sport Recaro (2015): the limited editions start here

Published: 12 November 2015 Updated: 12 November 2015

► Limited to 600 cars in UK
► Bespoke seats, wheels
► Costs an extra £1000

It’s at least a few months since the launch of the Mk4 Mazda MX-5, so high time for the first special edition. This is the Mazda MX-5 Sport Recaro edition, a temporary range-topper limited to 600 cars in the UK.

I’m guessing it’s got new seats?

Funnily enough, it does. Made by Recaro, no less. Designed for greater lateral and lumbar support than the regular MX-5’s chairs, they’re finished in a mix of suede and leather, and they’re heated too, so there’s no excuse for keeping the roof up.

Otherwise the changes are cosmetic, with a new rear spoiler lip, prong-like spats along the bottom of the front bumper and some narrow sill extensions, all in black, plus a set of diamond-cut finish 17in alloy wheels.

All very nice, but does it actually go any faster?

No. Seats, spoilers and extra alcantara trim apart, the Sport Recaro’s based on the MX-5 2.0i Sport Nav, with the same 158bhp four-cylinder engine, Bilstein dampers and limited-slip differential.

Priced at £24,295, the Sport Recaro costs a neat £1000 more than the Sport Nav, perhaps offset by a little residual rarity value if you like the look of those seats.

By James Taylor

Former features editor for CAR, occasional racer