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McLaren 620R is most powerful Sports Series yet

Published: 09 December 2019 Updated: 09 December 2019

► New hardcore McLaren 620R
► It’s based off a 570S GT4 racer
► Will cost you £250,000 in the UK

Racing and road cars merge once again at McLaren with this: the new 620R.

McLaren says the 620R celebrates the achievements of the 570S GT4 racer it’s inspired by, and it arrives as the most powerful Sports Series car Woking has made so far.

How does it celebrate the achievements?

By leaning heavily on the motorsport-spec technology from the GT4 racer and applying it to a road-legal car.

The GT4’s manually adjustable coilovers are standard, shaving 6kg off the usual Sports Series ones, and the suspension system uses aluminium wishbones and uprights. Ceramic brakes (390mm front, 380mm rear) are included, too, for when you want to abuse your 620R on track.

Stiffer powertrain mounts than the Sports Series models keep tight a hold of the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 which, in this case, produces 611bhp and 457lb ft. A 0-62mph sprint is recorded in 2.9 seconds and, despite all of those drastic aero upgrades, the 620R can top 200mph.

What about that dramatic body?

It’s quite an aero pack, too; an adjustable carbonfibre wing is the exact same one as the GT4 racer but has to be adjusted by a McLaren dealer. You buy the car with the wing in its least resistive state, with two sharper angles available for better downforce.

At the front, the entire face of the standard 570S car has been motorsport-ified with nostrils in the bonnet, dive planes and aero blades in the front splitter.

McLaren 620R wing

But you can still have creature comforts; McLaren takes out the air-con, its IRIS infotainment and stereo as standard but you can add them back in no charge. A lightweight Bowers and Wilkins audio can be specced, too.

One of three colours are available: McLaren Orange, Silica White or Onyx Black. All come with a livery, too, but you can ask for a Senna GTR-inspired one instead if you like.

How much is it?

It’ll set you back £250,000 in the UK and just 350 will be made, so get your order in fast if you’re after one. First deliveries arrive in February 2020.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches