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Green machines: McLaren’s six 570GT MSO Collection cars in retro XP paint

Published: 18 September 2017

► Six MSO Collection cars
► Each based on 570GT
► Paint nicked from F1 GT

McLaren’s MSO customisations department continues to flex its creative muscle and keep its paint shop busy, this time showing off six special McLaren 570GT cars finished in special ‘XP Green’ paintwork.

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What’s the big fuss about a lick of paint?

It’s the same shade of bottle green as the 1997 F1 XP GT homologation car (pictured below), built to bring the elongated F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ Le Mans car into being.

McLaren F1 GT 1997


Inspired by ‘traditional British automotive hues,’ in McLaren’s words, each of the six cars gets tan leather upholstery, with green seat inserts and stitching, along with a plaque on the centre console to remind people it’s one of the six-off collection.

The same tan shade is used for pinstriping on the exterior, on the front ‘aero blades’, sills, diffuser and doors, contrasting with a higher-than-standard quota of black exterior trim pieces.

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McLaren MSO Collection 570GT

How much do the XP Green 570GT MSO cars cost?

Each car will cost £21,000 more than a regular McLaren 570GT, at £188,567 – but buyers are likely to ask for a few more options on top.

Apart from the green ’n’ tan colour combo, the cars also feature upgraded interior spec, nose lifts, rear cameras, uprated audio systems and five-spoke forged wheels in ‘Stealth’ finish.

Remind me, what is McLaren MSO?

It stands for McLaren Special Operations, and it’s the department that deals with bespoke orders, from the straightforward to the pernickety.

If you want your McLaren in a special colour, to have unique interior or exterior trim, or even if you want specially created bodywork – like the one-off McLaren X-1 – MSO can oblige.

The department currently offers a range of services:

  • MSO Defined – a straightforward list of personalisation options for different McLaren models; carbonfibre trim, coloured seatbelts, that kind of thing
  • MSO Bespoke – want to match your McLaren’s paintwork to your favourite pair of shoes? Want it to have completely unique bodywork? McLaren claims the Bespoke service can find ‘a way to say yes to almost any request.’ At a price, no doubt…
  • MSO Limited – if you want a limited-run McLaren that looks unlike the rest of the range, the Limited division can design and engineer ‘small series’ special editions, such as the 650S Can Am of 2016 and 650S Le Mans of 2015
  • MSO Heritage – the department that looks after servicing and customer care for McLaren F1 owners. It also offers a brokerage service to those shopping for an F1… 
  • P1 GTR programmes – events for owners of the track-only P1 GTR, including simulator traiing, fitness programmes, one-to-one driver tuition, and transporting the car to circuits around the world for private test sessions 

By James Taylor

Former features editor for CAR, occasional racer