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MSO X: 10 McLaren 570S GT4 race cars you can also drive on the road

Published: 26 January 2018 Updated: 26 January 2018

► Only ten made
► Already sold out
► A 570S GT4 racer for the road

What happens if you want a McLaren 570S GT4, but you also want a car for the road, too? You buy one a McLaren MSO X. Designed to look and feel like a track car, but still be road-legal, the McLaren MSO X promises to be the best of both worlds. 

Commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach, the brand’s biggest retailer in the US, each MSO X car has been crafted by McLaren Special Operations to look like the spitting-image a 570S GT4 on the outside, and includes a wealth of aero scaffolding to make the car handle like a racer, too.

‘The aim of this project was to have a serious track car that could still be driven on the road and this finished project screams ‘race car’ to the casual onlooker,’ said McLaren’s Newport Beach dealer principal, Pietro Frigerio.

MSO X: design

At the rear, there’s a pylon-mounted rear-wing tipped to provide 100kg of downforce, while a ‘goose neck’ snorkel on the roof nods to the mighty McLaren F1. McLaren has also upped the nostalgia by giving each car a livery inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR cars of the 90s. As you’d expect, the MSO X features extensive use of weight-saving carbon fibre, inside and out.

On the inside, the track theme continues, with the stock cockpit replaced by a minimalist cabin you’d expect to see in a race car. That means exposed carbon-fibre everywhere, a centre console made of the same stuff, and a six-point and three-point seat belt for the dirver and passenger. And if you’ve got one to hand, the MSO X also has stowage space for a race helmet.

Despite all the track-focused customization – which includes the removal of the central storage bin – there’s still an element of practicality. Alongside the McLaren’s Track Telemetry system, you’ll still find air conditioning, a parking camera and parking sensors – as well as a suspension lift mode.

MSO X: Where can I buy one?

You can’t, but you should’ve already guessed that. All ten cars in MSO X collection have found buyers, and McLaren says it took a total of 8 months to go from idea to sold-out collection. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes